Happy New Year 2007!!!!

ok so now its new year. so wat’s the big deal??!! erm… its kinda big for me..
this year i’m gonna sit for SPM SPM!!!!! but it still havnt hit me yet.
so wat’s with the new year?? its juz another year, getting one year older = i can get my driving license… WOW.. finally, a chance to drive. no need to see if anybody is free… yea!!!
but i’ve gotta wait for 6 months b4 i can get hold of it…

so i celebrated the new year in kl, finally after soooooooo loooooooog, i get to step into one-utama.
din get to walk the whole of 1U juz get to walk the new wing. man, its was tiring. for 3 hours, all i bought was 2 t-shirts….. 2 out of so many shop i went into…. all the clothes that i wanted is out of my reach… y?? coz its either too expensive even after sale or the clothes r not suitable for my current lifestyle…

i cant believe that i’m going back to school in juz 2 days… y does the holiday hav to end so quickly when i’m about to enjoy it….. well, at least this year when ppl ask bout my age, they wont get it wrong.. haha…. it means i’m getting old.. nnoooooo…… but its kinda nice too.. haha…
too much crapping dy..

~ anyway, trying to enjoy every moment of school life while i still can ~

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