stupid internet and 1st day of SCHOOL!!!!

until now the internet is still so SLOW!!!! WTH…. slow a bit ok la but until messenger oso cant sign in… EEEeeeee……
way to go to start the new year… stupid earthquake in taiwan… make me cant chat online..

Ok. so today’s the 1st day of sch… =.= no fun at all.. other than meeting friends that havnt seen for like 1 and a half months… so wat really happen was that my class is splitting into 2 classes… oh no..the class will not be as fun anymore… my very very good friend yew lee is in the other class.. nooo…… now cant talk to her in class anymore… it will be so so boring without her. now my class got only 4 Chinese Girls!!! wth… stil the chinese dominated the class…

other than this bad news, got even worst news!!! now rather than finishing school at 2pm, they change to 3.40pm, 2.20pm and 12.20pm… u know y??!! coz of the stupid perhimpunan muz giv time to them… and now the periods are all 40mins.. at least i’m not taking chinese, so no need to stay back until 4.20pm.. poor them.. have to stay so long in school..

my class dun hav most of the teachers that taught us last year.. most of them we dun even who is it.. we dun hav any idea who is our class teacher… whole day in sch only english teacher came in.. got some are good teachers, got some… erm…. hav to pray hard for us not for them… wahahaha….. these teachers gonna have a hard time handling us… hehe.. ^^

it still havnt indulge in me that i’m already form 5… i stil dun feel that i’m 17 this year… now that i’m form 5, become ‘tai ka jie’ dy.. haha…

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