Feel so sad….*haiz*

since i havn’t been blogging a while… so wanted to update it and try not to leave the blog *cough* dead *cough*… its feels kinda sad that when i or other ppl go into the blog, there’s no new blog.. so wat i’m doing rite now is to waste ur time reading it. ngekngekngek….

ok la… i got something to blog about anyway…

i’ve got 2 things to blog but dunno y cant upload any pics, so gotta abandoned wat i actually wanted to blog. *haiz* i know i’m very ‘cheong hei’ long-winded… so bear with me.. ^^

ever since sch started, we get to see our friends and talk to them and hang out with them during recess.. but this year, it seems different already.. i felt that as if i did not exist.. when i talk, nobody would listen and even if i repeated myself nobody would be bothered.. sometimes i like being alone, at least i have my world to myself.

a human mind is complex.. we could not know wat a person is thinking… we would not know if the person does not like u but pretends to be very friendly with u. everyday we are playing mind games with each other.. good friends can read each others mind but not all the time. girl in girl world is tough, can someone agree with me??!! yes, friends are good if they hav good intention.. wat am i crapping here?? i hav no idea….

i know that posting this will make me vulnerable… so ppl might say ‘ so y post it? dah la know that will make u vulnerable’ and bla bla bla…. yes, i know but i juz wanna speak my thoughts. do u know how hard it is to keep all the thoughts inside.. i feel that i dun hav anyone to turn to except ppl who reads my blog…

the feeling of letting out feels so good…. *phew*

-the weather today is so cool and cold and moody-

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