So rare

This picture was taken in the car on our way to KL.

Last Friday marks a day in the history of the Low family. For one who does not like to eat raw food especially sushi, it’s a huge achievement…

Huh?? What? Who?? Where?? When?? Ah??

Ok, let’s start from the beginning of the day. It all started with a visit to Ruby and Jayde’s (they are my and my aunt’s dog respectively) parents’ place. Yes, dogs have parents too. So brought the dog’s over to the owner’s place. Actually we bought the dogs from the breeder. She has 11 dogs in her house. 11!!! She used to have 15!! Some were already sold. Dogs do have resemblance of their parents too. Let’s just say it’s a family reunion. Haha…

After the little reunion, went back to my aunt’s place to put the dogs back and then we went to Sunway Pyramid. The ‘we’ consist of me, my parents, my grandmother and my friend (she wants to be anonymous). I know you will read this cause I told you to. Hahahaha…. So my grandmother was hungry, my mother teman her to go to the loo. I and my friend were watching people ice skating, while my father was walking around looking for a place to eat. At 1st in the car, said wanted to eat at pizza hut. But he changed his mind and we went to eat SUSHI!!!!! I Love Sushi… So here comes the story.

See, my father does not like to eat sushi at all. On top of that, he does not like to pay the extra 15% tax… so that’s 2 ‘blows’ that will make my father not eat there… Only God knows what he was thinking at that time, I even reminded him of the price he’s gonna play later. Yet he told us – ok, let’s eat here – ‘Sushi King’. It’s our 1st time to eat at Sushi King. I know, I’m ulu, ok, just came out from kampung.

Yum yum yum… so happy and full…. Sushi!!!! My father just chooses the food that had been cook. My mother says he only eat food that was being killed twice. For me, I don’t care. Eat sushi must eat raw salmon… been craving for it for so long… yum yum yum.

Andrew, make you ‘lau hau sui’ hahahaha…….

For my father to go out with us for shopping it’s as rare as flying to Jupiter. – quoted from my mother.

Eating sushi with my father it’s as rare as flying to Pluto.

My Sparkling Ruby

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  1. so cute doggies!! ^^


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