3rd day of Christmas!

On the 3rd day of Christmas, I’m still sick the whole day. Yesterday got up with flu, today got up with a terrible headache. Though can be considered to be bedridden for 1 day. This is the consequences for staying up until 3, 4am for 2 days straight. 1 bottle of 1.5l 100 plus also cannot help me now. Popping in 2 tablets still the same outcome. Become sleeping beauty also not seeing any improvement. Oh why only get sick after Christmas? Or why get sick in the 1st place? 
So my Christmas this year was spent in Kuching. I should say this is the first time. Before this I was back home for Christmas but then came back before the end of the year for countdown. A year before that was semester break so most definitely was back home. 
Christmas celebration started a lil‘ early this year in church since people will be heading back before we could see the Sunday before Christmas. 
Mashed potato ‘snow’men

The start of Christmas holidays is also the mark of the start of my study week and another end of a semester. After my last class for the semester, me and my friends went straight out to town to have a lil‘ fun, almost in feasting mood.

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

How could Christmas be Christmas without any Christmas carols?! Went caroling for 3 days. Food was served and they are so delicious thanks to the hosts for preparing them.

Have a cup and ‘cookie’ each

End our caroling on Christmas eve and then time for some private party!
it is also one of the reason why i am sick

Simple celebration did we since there was no time to prepare for a feast and exhaustion slowly taking over us. Got a cake and sparkling juice and wait for the time to come. We had our mini caroling in the house.

Cake: Secret Recipe Chocolate Cheesecake

With all our names on it

Cheers ~~~~~

We even had our own Christmas tree and fireplace.


‘Blow water’ until 4am only the party ended. That’s what we do best when there are food and drinks and people with loads of time. But I already passed out around 2am not because of alcohol but because of my nose and medicine.

So on with the next day, no more deco in the house, the tree went back home and never came back. We had streamboat!

Did this for so many times

More ‘blow water’ session and monopoly time. Fun times, fun times.

Now, it’s a quiet day, back to normal times and schedules. Time to go back to business.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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