Happy 7th B’day/Anniversary

Another year ending means another year I’m having my blog running! 
7 years is a long time. Looking back at my posts from way back when, what was I thinking back then? Such posts can come out from me. But nonetheless, they are part of me and it brought me through thus far. Though it is not a big hit in the social media world but that’s okay. It is not what I wanted when I first started out this blog. It was out of boredom and a place for me to spend my time. 
My blog layout has changed over the years. 

At first I wanted something more of a natural colour skim but turns out it looks kinda boring after awhile
Then decided to change it and put a big picture of myself once you enter my blog. Hence:
A girl-ier version for the layout. 
Gonna stick to this for the meantime before I could find a nicer template to replace this current one. 
After all these years, my blog is still going through some peak and mostly off peak season with the blog posts. After 6 years I’m still finding bits of myself along the way. Maybe for every blog anniversary I should put up my New Year resolution. Making it a time to reflect on my undertakings for the year to come. A time to reflect on what can I do more for my blog and for my life. 
After all, my blog is my little corner. 

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