Making mid week more happening

Who says party is only on weekends or the next day is a weekend.
After 2 days of chilling at home with my dogs, I cam back to work only to find out that there’s an event I had to attend. At least I was dressed for the occasion minus the footwear. Oh well, it’s who you go with that’s all that matters.
Went to Signature at The Roof because it was Live Music Series! We had the 80’s Retro, Funk & Rock session. Changing current pop music into that genre.

The moment you walked into the area, there’s a ever glowing-changing-colour-wishing tree as the centre piece.
Well, it was not all about the music. They have exclusive new menu sampling too! When there is food, there is a happy Enwei!
Fresh Tataki Oyster
First dish that came to our table. The dish was so-so on my taste buds. The oyster and the topping (cheese + butter, if not mistaken) was a bit off though. Maybe it was left out in the cold for some time.
Pasta in a spoon
The pasta dish was by far a recover from where the oyster left off. It’s delicious!
We took some group pictures here and there. When we were about to leave ’cause I need to catch the train, don’t want to leave stranded on the streets, dessert came.
Signature cendol & Mud pie
The mud pie is actually chocolate ice cream and whipped cream. You can’t go wrong with chocolate ice cream. The cendol on the other hand had a nice pandan scent to it.
It was not all food but there’s free flow of beer too! Not that I can drink that much. Trying to avoid smelling like an alcoholic on the train.
Group photo
Adrian trying to photobomb us
It was a nice experience when you have crazy friends around!
Photos credits to The Bunny Writes aka Denise
‘Nuff said. Tata~

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