A Quick Trip Back

Packing, unpacking, repacking is a norm for me now. I can get my bags ready for a 4 days trip in less than 15 mins provided I’ve already decided what I wanna wear throughout the trip. Most of the times it’s fairly easy. A slipper, a jeans, a sweater or 1 or 2 t-shirts, 1 dress, 1 shorts, and 1 set of pajamas. However, this is still overpacking at times. I’d still need to slim down on my toiletries so that it can go pass as a hand carry. Don’t really like to repackage the liquids to smaller containers when the sizes that I bought is already travel size. As an individual item itself, you wouldn’t see it as a problem. When you have a set of skincare to bring, hair oil, make up remover, toothpaste, and some other necessities, it adds up to the volume and weight. Currently that’s the heaviest sub-bag I have in my luggage.
Anyway, back to the story. I took the opportunity of having 4 days off to come back home. Technically it’s not home home, but close enough – home country. Coming back during the weekdays allow me to settle errands that requires offices that operations during business hours. Yup, that’s why it’s good to have a person that doesn’t have to work during weekdays. Don’t fancy taking leave to settle these adult responsibilities.

2 main reasons why I came back and 1 minor reason.

Minor reason: Having 4 days off and have no plans with nobody around to entertain me.

When you’re in a foreign land and ramadan season is strictly observed, there’s nothing much to do during the day. On normal days, I’m already hiding in the comfort of my room. So staying at home for 4 days, not really a nice option for me.

Main reason #1: Settle adult responsibilities

‘nuff said

Main reason #2: A surprise dinner party for a friend who is getting married with some high school friends.

I didn’t manage to get some groceries to bring back, oh well. At least I satisfied some of my taste buds with tasty food. Wanted to go on a movie marathon in the cinema, sadly time wasn’t permitting.

Didn’t tell anyone that I was coming back except my attendance to the surprise party. So the only announcement of my arrival were in Snapchat and Instastory.

The day I landed, I’m already out of the house after chucking the luggage away. Wasting no time. Messaged a few ex-colleagues to see if anyone is free for a lunch date. Managed to sneak in an impromptu moving outing with sgrmse to catch Wonder Woman in the afternoon too.

What is dieting in a place where I know the food will suit my tastebuds.

After the movies, went to 320 Below Nitrogen Ice Cream @ 1 Utama.

I wanted to some some brownies and the sgrmse wanted to have some ice cream or dessert. The ice cream flavour was some fancy Horlicks concoction. The brownie was really just so-so. No brownie points there. The ice cream though was nice.

Then, jet lag kicks in at night. I think I fell asleep around 3am and that carried on throughout my whole trip.

Another highlight of the trip is FOOD! Only took some photos of the food that I had because tasty food is more important to go into my stomach first than having the camera ‘eating’ them.

Finally tried out Burger Lab @ Cyberjaya. Something for a change other than my regular pork noodles that I had the day before this.

Went to Sunway University area. My first time being in that area actually. Searched for ‘cafe’ and got After Black as a result. They have a not too bad rating on Google of 4.2 stars. Well, it’s around there.

Started off with a Oreo Mille Crepe. I’ve been craving for a crepe cake or just any cake for awhile now.

This is a Salted Egg Spaghetti. The first mouthful I had probably had a bit more of the salted egg, so first impression done right. However after a few more mouthful, the salted egg is not as strong as I expected. I guess my expectation on food is really high and really lie to have a flavourful meal. Gosh, my tastebuds are not that sensitive to taste?!
Got this Garlic and Herb Roasted Chicken as well. Saw some reviews that mentioned this dish, so I gave it a go. Well, very normal and tasty.
Finished off with another crepe. This is a Raya promotion that they have. It’s the Onde-onde Mille Crepe. Err… the coconut flakes are those sweeten kind. Nope, would prefer to have the real coconut shavings on top. Other than that, the crepe is okay. Just the coconut flakes killed it for me.
This time, I managed to satisfy my durian cravings. Durian prices now are so expensive. Got a Mas Pahang that goes for RM45 per kg. Followed by a kampung durian that costs RM25 per kg.
I did suffered a little 2 days after consuming durian. Down 1 dissolvable tablet of Vit C. The damaged for 2 durians and 1 coconut water that doesn’t even taste nice was RM 110.
I’d still got a lot of food that I wanna eat. Till next time when I’m back again.
‘Nuff said! Tata ~

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