Sephora is the death of me


My shopping quota has reached by going in Sephora and got some YSL products. I can’t afford the bags yet, so let me get other stuff.

I was not meant to spend money in Sephora, especially buying makeup products. But how did I ended at the counter, swiping my card away?

The mission for the mall outing was to find some planting medium for my no longer flowering orchid. I have 2 hours to spare in the mall before the next ride comes. Decided to walk around the mall to kill some time before heading to the one and only place I can find any planting materials. 1st bad decision.

Since I have already eaten, Any eatery places is out of the equation. Headed for Sephora instead to see if there is any new promotion or items. 2nd bad decision. YSL is promoting 2 items in Sephora, their new Black Opium perfume and the Tatouage Couture Matte Stain Lip Cream. 3rd bad decision was to agree to try out some of their lip stains. And that is how all of this started to snowball. More items to hoard. My lips are so dry that the beauty assistant put on some lip oil for me. Of course it is a YSL product. In my head, ‘I totally need to get it’. After trying some of the colours, I gotten myself these.

Left to right: Volupté Tint-In-Oil in colour 13, Tatouage Couture Matte Stain in colour 23 and 1. Both lip stains are best sellers. The lip oil not only nourishes the lip but also gives a bit of volume. I would say it is similar to Fenty Beauty’s lip gloss. I told myself that Fenty Beauty’s lip gloss is quite pricey, but look at me here, this is way higher. *face palm*

I have always wanted a nude lip product. The beauty assistant did put on quite a lot for my liking, so I am going to adjust the amount and see how I feel about this colour. I do have other nude lip stains from other brands. Oh well. What is done is done. The thing about me and lip colour is that I always go for red first regardless. Now that I need red lip colour for work, even more reason for me to stock up. I have yet to finish even 1 lip product thus far even I have lost my then favourite Estée Lauder Liquid Lip potion red colour of course. I do like how the lip stain did not dry up my lips after the application. This is without the lip oil because I tried on 5 different colours with only 1 application of the lip oil in the beginning. after removing and reapplying the lip stain, I do not think that there is any residue of the lip oil left.

There are a few shades for the lip oil but the beauty assistant gave me this instead since she recommends me to apply it before putting on the lip stain. It does have a matte finished, so chapped lips ain’t gonna look good. Well, the lip oil is not all that transparent. It does have some pink hue on it, hence the word ‘pink’ in the name. I am not mad at it. I need some colour for my lips when I am bare face.

I like the applicator. There is a small hole in the middle to help distribute the product quite evenly. There is this fruity berry cherry scent to it too. Not sure how diligent I will be to put on this product on a daily basis, but will try just to test out the product. Probably I’ll be able to give an update about it.

Till then, stay sane!

6 responses to “Sephora is the death of me”

  1. HOW LOVELY! now i totes want one.


    1. I would say it’s not really worth it though unless it’s from duty free. HAHAHA


  2. Sephora’s sale starts today but I hope you got your discount when you purchased these items. I want to try the YSL foundation and the lip stain. See my favs here: 😊


    1. There’s no sales on my side. Not from the States.


      1. Oh no ☹️ They should definitely fix that!


        1. probably sales would happen on other times. 🙂

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