Seriously? Really?


I can remain mean but I chose to be kind. Thank you for your lack of understanding.

I couldn’t tell your sarcasm at first. But after repeating what you said to me in my head for the 2nd time, woman, I totally got your not so polite sarcasm. Subsequently when it went on a loop, it infuriates me.

Needing to use the toilet at least 5 minutes after the announcement was made is not an excuse. Telling me that it would be embarrassing if you remain seated doesn’t mean you are will be granted access to the toilet. Trying to ‘threaten’ me with that isn’t gonna help. With your given age, it does not mean you are entitled. I am crunching for time and there you are, not budging until you get what you want. Well, timing is very important, can’t you tell?

Still can give me attitude even after I let you ease yourself and be comfortable.
Thank you for your lack of understanding.

Thank you for being quick!
Till then, stay sane!

One response to “Seriously? Really?”

  1. can’t you just warn them of the risks and let them know y’all won’t be held liable? lol.


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