I do not owe anyone any explanation


I was trying to edit another post and suddenly this thought came into my mind. Scrapped of that post to start on this. Lately I’ve been spending some time with my good friend while I was in Singapore. The concerns and problems that I’ve been listening to makes me angry. There are some actions that my friend does, I strongly disagree. But, it is not my life choice, so what else can I say. Regardless if this friend of mine would want to take in what I said, it opens my eyes to what the general or what the general on the surface would behave to their significant other.

Let me just get back to something that is relevant to the title.

This past month, I went on a splurging spree on branded goods. Yup, some of the people that knows me, know that I don’t really chase after brands or designer bags, sunglasses, or accessories. After all these shopping splurge, I came to realised that I am still not into branded or designer bags or purse or any of those in the same category. I looked at the price and I really cannot bring myself into paying that much when I will have the fear of losing it, misplacing it, or damaging it. I am just a clumsy person and I use and abuse my stuff. Well, they are supposed to work for me, not me taking care of them like a baby, please.

I will put up another post on the items that I have purchased after I try to take some nice pictures of them. But the shade I got from 1 person is what I want to tell here. I know, it is just only 1 person and that I don’t really need to care about the remarks. Still, I just want to tell the story.

Let’s just give this person an initials, FM as this person will be featured a lot in my future posts (I predict).

I can feel that FM has been passing me judgement on me as a whole for quite some time now. So inevitably, I am always ready to hear what FM has to say whenever I get something new.

I came back home with some shopping bags with me, 2 of them are from branded store. FM is always interested in what you’ve bought. She is the kind that I would classify as a girly girl, to be not so political correct – stereotypical girl. All about the nails, hair, makeup, bags, perfume, clothes, you get the idea.

She asked if I bought perfume from those 2 store. To which I told her, nope. 1 is a small purse for me to put my cards and cash so that it will fit inside my bag. I like to carry small to medium size bags. I’ve been looking for 1 as well so that I won’t be chucking my money into the bag. I like an organised bag where each item has its own space or slot. And bag was a sunglasses.

She quickly responded by saying (paraphrased) ‘I wouldn’t have thought that you would too buy branded stuff’. Err, hello! Just because I do not own any piece of branded or designer stuff doesn’t mean I wouldn’t get one at all.

Then she proceeded with the usual question of how much it cost and yada yada. Apparently she bought 1 of the similar style but of another brand. Showed me and asked if hers was nice. It appears to me that she is trying to be 1-up than me. Oh well, not that I care. I just buy things for practicality. Ain’t got time to spend money just to have a collection of similar items but of different brands. *Need to remind myself to remain minimalist*

Next was the sunglasses. FM was like why didn’t you get from the sunglasses shop, they give us discount there. You can save 10%-20%. I was like whatever. At least I get to experience what it is like to be in a branded store. Also, I have already bought the item, what else do you want me to do? Again, I do not have a collection of sunglasses for each occasion. I just get 1 and done. If I want to have a collection of whatever for each occasion, I am not gonna spend the same amount of money for each item even if it is not coming out from my own pocket. I have got other priorities, they are just not the same as yours.

Seriously, even as I am typing this out, I can feel the volcano in me going to erupt. Why do you need to pass on judgement to external possessions?

There is something I learnt here: I would still like to be the minority and remain focused on my priorities. I do not owe anyone any explanation.

One response to “I do not owe anyone any explanation”

  1. lol. so weird pls! whatever people want to buy, just leave them alone. omg, mental. you don’t have to feel bad at all! you work hard, you earn well and you treat yourself. what’s wrong? this is why you have a job. so you can afford things. to hell with people and their judgements. you’ll save if you want to save and spend if you so wish. that’s that. dust off the shoulder and carry on, gurl! šŸ˜€ can’t wait to see your shades! i love sunnies, too!!


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