I have a blog?


Out of sight, out of mind right?

When you are living in the moment, nothing else matters. It has been good when the highlight of the month was being able to spend time with people that don’t judge you, that supports your craziness, that will still entertain your childishness. Living in the

It is not like I have neglected this space or forgotten about it, it just didn’t pop into my mind at all. It didn’t occur to me that I needed to update my blog or I even still have a blog until somebody mentioned about it. All these ideas that I have are constantly stuck in my head or it will just be a brain fart. I want to share them here, however after the thought has passed, so did the effort of wanting to jot them down here.

This is nothing new. Even when I have a dotcom, nothing drastic has changed. Like what is the purpose for a blog post? I don’t want it to be just a bunch of random words that came together.

How are you?
Good as always.

What have you been up to?
Same old stuff. Travelling while soaking in all the UV rays. Not venturing into anything new (yet).

Was back home for almost a week and it was great. Don’t have to think of what to eat or to even cook, food will be served eventually. So many food options as well. It was good to be in a slow pace environment. Is this how retirement should be like? Places that I want to go is only 15 mins max away. Average is 5 – 10 mins. Being out in the beach or sitting down to have a proper breakfast with company is really a bliss. Oh yeah, one of the factor was because I was on limited internet data, like 300mb limit a day. Hence, the circumstance pushed me to enjoy what’s around me.

Any interesting life events or encounters took place?
I learned that family time is important especially now that I have control over what I can do.

2nd, learning to be more intuitive. Not really much of mind reading, but it is more like facial muscles reading and body language reading. If you pay a little bit more attention to details, you could just be able to do the same. I did came to a realisation that sometimes I choose to overlook it as I just did not want to face reality. So pretty much I just need to have a broader sense of willingness to be open. It is still a process to be selfless at certain situation. That would be my own journey.

Do you have any future plans? Short term or long term?
My long term plan is to just live in the moment and live a life without regrets. This is what I have been doing for the past 2 years. Thank God for putting me in such a place where I am living my dream. I still am contented and grateful to be where I am now. A life that I’ve been working towards to, a life where I do not need my family to be worrying about (I hope so). I think this is my ultimate life goal. Now that I’ve figured it out as I’m typing this.

Short term plan(s)? Nothing much that I want to pursue so badly now. Just want to continue exploring the world, checking off new countries and destinations, as well as exploring new sights or points of interest in familiar places.

All my plans now are just gonna be focusing on me, just me. Nobody is going to put my interest first above anything else if it is not me. When it comes to thing like this, I need to be selfish.

That’s all for catching up with my life so far. Till then, stay sane!

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