It’s good to be back


and FOOD!

The time when I stuffed myself with delicious familiar food. On top of that, they are cheap!!! (compared to how much I spend on food now)

I couldn’t have all the food on my list due to the fact that my stomach is now accustomed to accommodate only 2 normal portion meals a day. So I’ll just get whatever that is available to me.

Pork Noodles with egg

You get to choose noodle of your choice. Served with minced pork balls, pork balls, sliced pork, and pork liver (optional). Freshly cut small red chilli dipped in soy sauce on the side for that extra spicy kick.

I opted out the pork liver even though it is high in iron. I need to dip it in a lot of soy sauce and some red chilli to mask the taste.

Chee Cheong Fun aka Rice Noodle Roll

The rice noodle batter is poured on a white cloth over a streaming tray. You can choose to have char siew (barbecued pork), prawns, or just them mixed. I prefer to have the prawn fillings instead. It is then drenched with this light soy sauce mixture and some chilli mix on the side. This is the kind of chee cheong fun that I like.

Cendol @ Mustafa Cendol

I like the classic cendol: ice, cendol, brown sugar, and coconut milk. Perfect for that hot and humid weather almost all year round.

Fried Mee Hoon + Wild Boar Curry

This seems like a fancy breakfast but the price is about RM7. It is so good. My stomach is rumble just by looking at this picture.

Curry Noodles

Another day, another breakfast.


Can’t pass on toast. Missing out on the eggs.

Penang Laksa

Food from weekly night market. Wanted to get something else but they are still in holiday mood. Another time I guess.

When I’m home, food is well prepared for me. Gotta have them veg, meat, and soup!

Other than food, when I’m back, I gotta breathe in some vitamin Sea.

The serenity listening to the waves breaking is a bliss. A steal in a moment in life.

It will be a while before I’m back to a world of not doing anything and just chill.

Till then, stay sane!

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