Analytical Intervention


Numbers do not lie.

According to my stats about my blog site, I need to have new post every 2 days. That’s how much attention my blog gets after promoting on Facebook and Twitter.

So should I challenge myself and get a blog post up every 2 days for a month to see if there would be any changes to the viewership? Commitment is not my strong suit.

Should I put out like proper content or just mumbo jumbo that comes into my mind / whatever I feel like putting it here? Actually, why do I need to care about what content to put out? After all, it is MY platform, so whatever. You’ve just wasted 1 minute of your time reading my confusing, self-contradicting head voice. Hah! As if I’d care.

New post every 2 days – challenge accepted!
Till then, stay sane!

One response to “Analytical Intervention”

  1. anything that comes to mind is best!


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