14 hours of hibernation later


Spent the last 14 hours or so to catch up on my sleep. I was not knocked out for 14 hours straight, wish sometimes I could that. Woke up in between every 6 – 8 hours of sleep to get a reality check. What comes next is taking a few more hours (6 hours) to get out of the hibernation frazzle.

The disorientation is real. Okay, my case is not that serious. I still know where I am, what bed I woke up in, what I am, and what time of the day it is (because I check my phone the first thing I wake up to know the time and day).

Now I am back to figure out what to do with my day. I have 2 travelog to get started with. That means 2 blog posts too. Also, I am thinking to get back to my Faceless collection. Got new yarns that have been sitting in my closet for the past few months. Need to clear out my closet too – 1 clothes section, 1 shopping items section.

Been going on a spending spree for the past 2 months. Gosh, after a mental calculation on the amount spent, I am amazed at how much of being bored costs me. BIG TIME! So much for not spending until Christmas. I really need to just stay at home and avoid bringing my credit card out. I am on my way of materialising my bimbo-ness.


I totally can’t keep up with 2 postings every alternate days. Gonna have it now with 2 days gap instead. One of the reason is to accommodate with my travels. Ya ya, excuses. Whatever.

When my sanity is slowly slipping away, so does the usage of my credit card. I have ran out of occasions to get myself presents. I even have my Christmas and New Years presents waiting for me in the paper bag all wrapped up. Are there any more occasions or days for me to commamorate?

Till then, stay sane!

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