I made it up to Lion’s Head!


I did not make any plans for this trip. Was trying my luck to see if there is anybody that has any plans. I can always whip up a plan last minute. I’m always up for activities that requires physical strength when I travel. Sun and exercise, totally do it when I am away from my comfort zone.  Here is a montage of my hike before I start telling my story.

The weather was really good the day of the hike. A week ago or just a few days before I as there, it was cloudy and misty. Temperature was also on the cool side. So with a touch of the sun, it was bearable. Did not sweat buckets. We got an uber from our hotel to the starting point of the mountain a.k.a. the parking lot. It wasn’t that expensive to get there when you are sharing. However, there is no free internet connection getting back from Lion’s Head. You either got to have internet roaming facility or get help from a kind person to share their hotspot. Still thinking if I should get a third party roaming facility.


The view going up to the peak was incredible. We had to actually hike around the mountain to get to the top. There’s no easy way up, only determination and overcome the fear of heights and falling.


When they put up signs, you better do as what they say. I thought it would be like ‘oh, it’s here to help support you climbing’. Boy oh boy when I saw it…

You got to be kidding me.


It came to the intersection of whether you want to climb up using the staples and chains or go around the mountain using footpath. On the way up, I took the footpath trail as I was with someone who was really afraid of heights. Even with that, until a certain point, I had to literally get on all fours to get to the peak. Coming back down, I decided to take the staple trail down. At least I did try both ways. Of course the staple trail was much faster as you are just coming straight down. It is not that tall of a wall to climb because getting down from the peak is also another test of endurance.


Definitely not for the faint-hearted. I challenged myself good. But you get this fulfilling accomplishment for reaching to the top and enjoy the view. I might add that there are senior citizens that managed to get to the top as well. Determination is the key, also taking your time and don’t rush. Go with your own pace.


What a lovely view with the wind blowing, listening to the sounds below. I love catching some sea breeze anytime. The time I took to hike up was about 1.5 hours with resting in between and taking pictures as I mentioned that I was with another person. It could be done in less time of course. Coming back down was like 30 – 40 minutes. Getting back down is much faster as most of the time I am just sliding down the rocks. Would I go again? Maybe, if I don’t have anymore places to explore. But for now, I will visit some other place like Table Mountain or Cape Point.


Till then, stay sane!

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