Madrid’s Food Market & Churros


This would be my third time going to Madrid. The last that I came here was almost a year ago. Has the place changed? Not that I’ve noticed. However where I wanted to go still remains the same. After all it is still a tourist spot to say the least.

First stop, to the food market – Mercado De San Miguel


Too many food choices, too little money. Walked around the whole market to see what’s there to offer before starting my food spree.

When in Spain, you gotta have some tapas, any kind of tapas.

I settled for some seafood tapas as my starters – octopus, salmon, and muscles. The first two are 1.50 Euros each and the muscle is only 1 Euro.


They have cheese tapas too but did not get any as I am afraid that my stomach cannot handle the dairy since I plan to be out for a while for my food spree.


This too was from last year. A small salmon open sandwich tapas. Next stop, time to get some liquid in. Sangria is a must. Had the red. Cost 3 Euros. It comes with a side of olives too. I really tried to like it but I just couldn’t. Cannot have the olive by itself  or in my food. The only olives I fits with my taste buds is olive oil. Even so, in minimal quantity.

One year ago, this is their menu.


Their serving glass has also changed or were these their special sangria drink. Could not remember.

Next, I really wanted to have these crab meat.

Did not have these as they were way out of budget, like way out. If not mistaken, half of what’s on the left is minimum 20 Euros. I think I could get something else better elsewhere.

Had these crab patties instead for 4 Euros. I could not taste the fresh crab meat but it was alright.


More seafood!!!

Gotten myself a half a dozen of oysters. Yes, I had all of them to myself. Fresh oysters for 15 Euros. Had some with lemon and some without just to taste the difference. I still would put a little lemon juice on top if not knowing they are super fresh. The next day however, I had episodes of diarrhoea and vomiting. Not sure if the oysters are the main contributor or the whole seafood spree I had.

How about a year ago?


These were way better. It was from a different stall. They go by pieces instead of per plate. I should go back to this one instead. You get the price you paid for.

All they have here are different kind of salmon dishes. A mini Japan for me all in one stall. They recommended the salmon tartar.

And salmon tartar I got. It is basically smoked salmon, not fresh salmon. That I will leave it till I get to Japan again. The serving size makes me really happy. For 9 Euros, I will still get it if I have to choose again.

And how can I leave the city without getting some churros. Sought help from my trusty Google and Google maps to find this place. Apparently it is so famous that they have photos of famous people visiting the chocolaterie on the wall.

Chocolateria San Gines

You will always know it is a tourist spot when there is a long queue outside.

I gotten the 6 churros with hot chocolate for 4.20 Euros. One thing about this premise is that you need to order first before sitting down. They have a system going on as it is always busy with tourist, so do not expect any kind of service here other than taking your order, paying at the counter, and getting your food served. If you would like to have some water, you gotta get it on your own from the counter. The people aren’t that friendly either as they are always on the move to take the receipt form and delivering the meals.

Churros and hot chocolate wise, they were not that boom boom pow for me. The hot chocolate taste is just right for me. It is not those milky kind of chocolate which I like. Their churros are also super fresh since the demand is continuously coming. You could also see how they make the churros through a viewing window. However if there are not many people flocking there, I am pretty sure the waiters will be kinda annoyed.

Took a stroll around after all the food in my stomach. The weather was really nice.

Walked all the way to the royal palace of Madrid. Of course I just stroll along the gates outside.

Bonus feature. These were taken a year ago.

They have a lot of street entertainer or performers. One of them were these statue looking performers. They would only move when somebody drops a tip for them or when there is a group of people lingering around or near them, then they would move slightly or change slight expression to get attention. This was near Plaza Mayor.


Or like some singing performance which I managed to stumble upon.


I always will give some tips especially if I am going to take pictures or videos. They put the effort, so I should also do my part a little.

This next eatery is worth a shoutout. It’s a Mexican tacos place in Madrid – Takos. I repeat, TACOS, not tapas. The best part is each tacos cost 1 Euro. This is definitely a steal. A colleague suggested this place. The restaurant opens at 12pm. When we reached there, albeit 20 minutes earlier, there was already a long queue.


Can you imagine each of these tacos only cost 1 Euro?! I need to visit this place again when I am in Madrid again regardless of the weather. Of course, hoping the restaurant opens when I am there.

p/s: For me to even finish this blog post, it took me almost a month to get the words out. So much of procrastination.

Money spent on the day:

Train return ticket – Euro 3.40
Seafood tapas 3 items – Euro 4 .00
Sangria Red – Euro 3.00
Crabs buns – Euro 4.00
Fresh oysters  – Euro 15.00
Salmon tartar – Euro 9.00
Churros + hot chocolate – Euro 4.20

Total: Euro 42.60

📍 Locations 📍

Mercado De San Miguel
Plaza de San Miguel, s/n, 28005 Madrid, Spain

Chocolateria San Gines
Pasadizo de San Ginés, 5, 28013 Madrid, Spain

Calle de la Abada, 2, 28013 Madrid, Spain

Till then, stay sane!

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