After much frustration


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I did it!

I’m proud of myself to be able to reformat the laptop all on my own and upgrade the MacOS. Normally I would rely o my brother to help me with technology stuff. But when he’s not around, I gotta do it on my own. Of course I did consult my brother and Google in my attempt. My laptop keeps telling me that I’m running low on storage. What to do when the internal storage is about 61GB. Why does the system takes up more than half of it? Now after that I’ve reformatted, the system takes up 40GB out of the 60GB storage available. Don’t tell me now to change my laptop because Apple does not have 11″ MacBook Air anymore. I don’t really fancy the 13″. It’s too bulky for me to bring around.

I’d still prefer to have a laptop in handy than just to rely everything on the iPad. Prices are way off the charts now. I can’t bring myself to spend so much money on a new laptop when the current one is still functioning well, nor spending the amount equivalent to a laptop back then for an iPad Pro. iPad Pro in my opinion is almost as powerful as a laptop.

Coming back to the story of reformatting the laptop.

I get frustrated really easily when things don’t go the way I intended. Like troubleshooting when the outcome is not the same as what was shown n the steps. I wanted to update to Sierra OS, however the message of not being able to do so keeps popping up whenever I’m in that reformatting stage. So move to Mojave OS instead. Apparently when I Google the MacOS versions, Mojave is the latest one. Am I right? Anyway, my main goal was to get more storage to do all these updates and stop getting notification that my storage capacity is running low. They are really annoying. Can’t they just leave me alone. Even now when I’ve cleared everything and only put in the necessary apps, the system still takes up 40GB out of the 60GB available. Where in the world is this system taking up my space?!!! I am angry. There is really no point in changing my laptop.

What I want / use my laptop for?

  • Web browsing
  • Blogging (almost in non-existence)
  • Video Editing (something I want to pick up again)

I think that’s about it that I use my laptop for. As I’ve mentioned earlier that I would still like to have a laptop is because there are some functions in the laptop that the iPad cannot mimic. iPad I feel that is just an extended arm of the laptop. So, laptop’s spot remains untouchable. Desktop option is not even in consideration. Don’t even have the need for that.

But why don’t go for other brands? Why stick with Apple?

Simple. I have all my decives synced to Apple. I like that convenience and I am used to it. Not that I can’t adapt to new OS or anything. It is just I like to have the convenience. Isn’t that what technology is all about? So indirectly I’ve become a slave to my devices. It is what it is.

For the time being, I’m just going to stick to what I have. No point fixing or changing when there is no problem in this case. Why have additional expenditure when it is not needed.

Till then, stay sane!

One response to “After much frustration”

  1. are you using dark mode? i like the 11-inch screen, too but i definitely want the gold air. time to grind hard and save up!


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