The Bubble Tea Factory @ Singapore #TBTF


A pop-up store about bubble tea was up in Singapore. I didn’t even know about this until a colleague mentioned it while we were on our way to Singapore. With our usual conversation topics that we go through with each trip, one of them would be ‘What are your plans at xxx?’ or ‘What will you be doing at xxx?’. That is how I came to know that there is a pop-up event about bubble tea.

2020-01-08 12-31-03

My first impression upon hearing the name is to expect a place that shows the process of making a cup of bubble tea or a showcase of a mini version of bubble tea factory as the name implies. It was not what I have expected. Nonetheless, I find the even organized and have space to move around. Don’t like crowded places. Let me explain as I go with this story.

By the time I am there for the pop-up event, it was towards the end of their opening period, more like they have extended it for another month. Hence, I was able to go. As I’ve mentioned that it is not a showcase of the making of bubble tea, simply it’s a place for Instagram-worthy photos. They have different stations set up to take pictures. The way they handle the crowd is by having groups of 5 going in each time. Don’t know what is the time interval between the groups. However, when I was in there, there’s lots of time and space to move around and take photos. The staffs there would even come up to me first to help with photo taking as I was there solo. So it wasn’t a problem to go there alone. They do have a little starter pack that comes with before the start of the bubble tea factory journey. Too bad I ruined mine later that day. There are a few challenges to complete to get snacks. What I really wanted to keep were their collectable cards. They have some famous quotes or scenes whereby they replace the characters with bubble tea.

The first station had me to do my first challenge – take a photo upside down.

2020-01-08 12-29-55

That’s the easiest and recommended way to get the picture taken. The introvert in me just got to bring up the courage to be thick skin and amuse myself with funny expressions pictures. With this picture, I was able to claim a free snack.


Bubble Milk Tea flavoured popcorn and biscuits.

The sets were built prettily. At least I didn’t have to wait long to take pictures. Probably just needed to wait for a person for two before it’s my turn.

dose of bbt.jpg

Wrecking ball collage

The only station that has a longer waiting period is their secret room. Let me show you what’s the secret behind the door.

boba ballin collage

2020-01-08 12-24-33

The first area including the secret room is one of my favourites.

2020-01-08 12-14-39

2020-01-08 12-17-27

2020-01-08 12-18-07

2020-01-08 12-17-02

The ball pit is quite big. Not what I would expect. Could easily fit 4 groups of 4-5 people at one time.

2020-01-08 12-15-39

Time to get my free bubble milk tea. This time it is sponsored by Miss Tea. They have different bubble milk tea sponsors throughout their event period.

2020-01-08 11-23-38

While I was getting ready to sip my bubble tea, one of the co-founders of the event came to talk to me. Well, I didn’t know that until he mentioned as he was trying to get some on-ground feedback. This was when I know that this is their first-ever event that they produced. They did get a lot of setbacks and rejection just to bring the idea to life. I mentioned my slight disappointment that it wasn’t a bubble tea factory process. I was told that they were inspired to do so, however, getting a licence from the government for F&B is not that easy in Singapore.

My favourite station is tea terminal.


2020-01-08 11-22-37

2020-01-08 11-22-20

I saw some of the photos that were taken here and I totally have forgotten about this station after having a prolonged conversation. Took a couple of quick photos as I was rushing to get back to my hotel. Would be really nice to have a photo with me in it. Oh well.

2020-01-08 11-21-33

Came to the last station and it’s feedback time with some lovely questions to answer to hang at the wall. They have a photo booth area where you can print out 1 picture of your choice from Instagram by using their hashtag. Got my photo printed and straight away deleted the picture as it wasn’t curated properly.

Last but not least, I got myself a little souvenir to bring back.

2020-01-08 11-20-34

A bubble tea plushie!

Bought my ticket online to avoid being sent away if I were to walk-in. Cost me around 24 SGD and spend about 45 mins there since I’m there alone. If I knew what would be in there, I would still pay the amount just to see what’s going on. After all, I’ve been to Singapore so many times now that it would be nice to have something else to do.

Till then, stay sane!

3 responses to “The Bubble Tea Factory @ Singapore #TBTF”

  1. This looks amazing!!


  2. OH UM GEEEE. all the pastel cuteness is toooooo mush!!! TOTES JELLY. singapore has all the coolest things, i swear. i’m so glad you got some mega cute pics! the series of you on the giant pearl’s my fave.


    1. The co-founders/organisers are from SIngapore. It’s their first ever event actually.


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