I think I will settle down with a beach view


The beach is my home. I feel so calm and relax when the (cool) sea breeze brushes my face and flows through my hair. I could easily sit by the beach for hours under the shade of course. I’ve been seeing lately on my Instagram feed of a few friends visiting this place back home – Puteh Beach Bar.

Interesting to find out that there is such a place in this little town of mine to chill and Instagram worthy too. It is situated in the beachside area of town which is not too far from my house. The nearest beach is less than 10 mins away. This is farther out from the main town. According to my friend that took me there, the bar is a separate entity from the resort premise. If you know the facts about the bar, do comment down below!



I spent the whole afternoon there sipping away while enjoying the cool breeze wind blowing. We went there straight after lunch, at 2pm when the crowd is nowhere to be found. I love it when there’s nobody else around. It feels like the whole area is just for me. As 4pm approaches, people started to fill in the tables while some photo-ops sessions going on. I can’t miss out on taking some photos for and of myself too. I think I might have brought out the Instagram boyfriend material from my friend. Only with minimal instructions and guidance, I’m done in less than 10 mins.


I like this life I’m living now. Can just sit down by the beach, sipping down my cold drink with no crowd and noise. Hopefully, I get to do this still for years to come. If such a life is retirement, I’m retired.

Till then, stay sane!

2 responses to “I think I will settle down with a beach view”

  1. my favourite photo is of you sat on the swing! well done to your friend.


    1. I will let my friend know. Hahaha 🙂


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