Where shall I begin with this? Came to WordPress to find out of some new changes that I will need to adapt as anyhow they are changing it starting from 1st June, 2020. There’s no way that I can opt out of this option as I’ve been doing for the past months. Since the last entry, I’ve been on ground for 2 months now from end of March. A few incidents worth highlighting throughout this quarantine / lockdown / restricted movement.

  1. Staying cooped up in the confinement of the house walls for a month.
  2. Ups and mostly downs of living with a flatmate 24/7 for a month.
  3. Up-keeping of my own room.
  4. Creating a routine.
  5. How to maintain my sanity.
  6. Not having to work at all for 2 months as to date.
  7. Buying a Nintendo Switch!

Now that I’m given so much of free time, I can do the things that I have been putting off right? Like making videos, blogging, crocheting. HOWEVER, whenever I plan to do something, it doesn’t turn out that way or it’s gonna be only for a week or two. In a long run, it’s not gonna sustain. I DID managed to workout for 14 days straight and kept it up for another 2 weeks. When I started my obsession with Animal Crossing New Horizons, all workouts and crochet project went out the window and door. A week plus after my obsession, I’ve obtain the hiked price Switch and the game. Yay! From then until now, I’m just playing it day and night, watching videos related to it, watching people stream playing the game, EVERYTHING is just about the game. Well, I can’t go out or visit friends (not that I have ben doing that before this whole fiasco), I’m just feeding my new obsession so much so that I am not improving my skills.

There was a conversation among some people around me. What happens if I am out of my current job, what am I going to do then? My immediate answer that I can go to / think of is to do my crochet project and/or start streaming me playing game. I could also stream live eating just for laughs, who knows what’s that path gonna take me. At this moment, I could live off my savings for a few months, let say 3 month because I don’t want to deplete my whole savings. That would be enough push for me to get my butt to do something to generate some income. Yes, when I’m in my comfort zone, I don’t feel the urge to make things happen. That’s what I am in right now.

Thanks to sgrmse for that constant reminder about this dusty blog site that is sooooooooooo under use. So there’s to you sgrmse, a little shoutout to you for that push I need to come back to blogging, the sound of my keyboards clicking away, putting my thoughts into words, be a little bit more productive in the things that I like.

Till then, stay sane ~ !

One response to “HELLO!”

  1. YAAASSS, SIS! finallyyy! happy for you to be utilising your beautiful minimalistic blog space!

    now don’t lose momentum!


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