I couldn’t function for a day

I was contemplating whether to even put it out here. So here it is because it has been piling up more and more each remarks / comments given. But how do I do it without painting the whole picture in details?

As a whole I feel like I need to be the one to compromise all the time. Even my timing has to fit into other’s schedule and not having one that is my own. It seems like I am the one having to adjust my timing according to the other. Whether I am baking (in which this is something that is therapeutic to me, now when I think of baking, it leaves me a sense of irk.), or moving about in the morning (I’m an early riser), I need to keep in mind of the noise and timing. Like why am I the one constantly moving about your own schedule? What gets to me is that the reasons you give is like I’m affecting greatly on you. Just because I don’t voice out or always let you have your way, you are like making the whole space you own. When you change up your routine, I had to accommodate to it, but when I change mine, I need to give a heads up?

Things are not going your way, you get sulky about it. Well, look around, nobody is getting things going their way too. There is no point to fight back / stand up for myself when you always need to have the last say.

How long more I can live with this? A question that I ask myself.

Till then, stay sane ~ ! (much needed now)

One response to “I couldn’t function for a day”

  1. open and honest communication, my friend. don’t be afraid to have the tough conversations. you matter, too. big hugs.


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