My domain name is gone

The last time I’ve posted here was 8th June, 2020!

When I came back to visit my site, yes, I’ve not been coming to my own site to check since there isn’t any new uploaded post to check, I came to see that my blog template has changed.

I was like, what a minute. Didn’t I just renew or paid for some subscription this year? I remembered that I paid for a domain renewal. After checking here and there, up and down, I read that there’s a separation of renewal for domain and WordPress’ facilities. Did I just renewed for the facilities? If so, why then the use of my previous template has changed to a FREE template. Anyhow, changing layout and looks again. I supposed this is a sign that I should be uploading new content more frequently.

I do have a lot of photos and videos to process into content, however, the big HOWEVER is that I don’t have the mood or motivation to process them. In my head I have all these words mumbo-jumbo ready to spill out, but when I stare at the blank space to start, my mind goes blank as well. Productivity of my life and time have definitely gone with the wind. Not making use of my opportunity. Well, I better (reminding myself) to pick up the slack and start doing something instead of just in the head planning of doing something. It’s time to get the action going. I’m always just in the planning stage. I guess self-motivation is not my thing. I need someone to be there to constantly push me and nag me although I’ll be complaining along the way.

Look what happened when I open WordPress on Safari! It was telling me earlier that there’s something wrong with the browser to open WordPress. Now I couldn’t get the page to show the info again. Thank goodness I have Chrome to work on. Oh well… gotta deal with what I have. Make technology work for me, not the other way around.


So I did pay for my domain name. However I need to ‘upgrade’ to a paid plan with WordPress in order to activate my domain name. Wow. Speechless. So I just paid for the domain name only really for nothing. I guess I’ll just wait till I need to renew my domain name then I’ll go for the paid plan.

Till then, stay sane!
Tata ~

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