After much frustration


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I did it!

I’m proud of myself to be able to reformat the laptop all on my own and upgrade the MacOS. Normally I would rely o my brother to help me with technology stuff. But when he’s not around, I gotta do it on my own. Of course I did consult my brother and Google in my attempt. My laptop keeps telling me that I’m running low on storage. What to do when the internal storage is about 61GB. Why does the system takes up more than half of it? Now after that I’ve reformatted, the system takes up 40GB out of the 60GB storage available. Don’t tell me now to change my laptop because Apple does not have 11″ MacBook Air anymore. I don’t really fancy the 13″. It’s too bulky for me to bring around.

I’d still prefer to have a laptop in handy than just to rely everything on the iPad. Prices are way off the charts now. I can’t bring myself to spend so much money on a new laptop when the current one is still functioning well, nor spending the amount equivalent to a laptop back then for an iPad Pro. iPad Pro in my opinion is almost as powerful as a laptop.

Coming back to the story of reformatting the laptop.

I get frustrated really easily when things don’t go the way I intended. Like troubleshooting when the outcome is not the same as what was shown n the steps. I wanted to update to Sierra OS, however the message of not being able to do so keeps popping up whenever I’m in that reformatting stage. So move to Mojave OS instead. Apparently when I Google the MacOS versions, Mojave is the latest one. Am I right? Anyway, my main goal was to get more storage to do all these updates and stop getting notification that my storage capacity is running low. They are really annoying. Can’t they just leave me alone. Even now when I’ve cleared everything and only put in the necessary apps, the system still takes up 40GB out of the 60GB available. Where in the world is this system taking up my space?!!! I am angry. There is really no point in changing my laptop.

What I want / use my laptop for?

  • Web browsing
  • Blogging (almost in non-existence)
  • Video Editing (something I want to pick up again)

I think that’s about it that I use my laptop for. As I’ve mentioned earlier that I would still like to have a laptop is because there are some functions in the laptop that the iPad cannot mimic. iPad I feel that is just an extended arm of the laptop. So, laptop’s spot remains untouchable. Desktop option is not even in consideration. Don’t even have the need for that.

But why don’t go for other brands? Why stick with Apple?

Simple. I have all my decives synced to Apple. I like that convenience and I am used to it. Not that I can’t adapt to new OS or anything. It is just I like to have the convenience. Isn’t that what technology is all about? So indirectly I’ve become a slave to my devices. It is what it is.

For the time being, I’m just going to stick to what I have. No point fixing or changing when there is no problem in this case. Why have additional expenditure when it is not needed.

Till then, stay sane!

1 simple question, but

Hello, how are you?

Such a simple question yet how do you actually answer this?

We’re taught or socially constructed to reply with ‘I’m fine, I’m good’. But what if I’m not just fine or good? What if I’m feeling terrible or lost or just dumbfounded? I can’t just speak out my mind like that to strangers or to reply casually. That will just invite more unnecessary questions or expression.

Or let’s say an acquaintance or friend asked you that. Do you give the standard answer?

I like to mix up my answers depending on who am I replying. Let’s start from something more common going to morbid mode.

– I’m good
– I’m fine
– All is good/well
– Enjoying life
– Same same / same old, same old
– Great/good, I supposed
– Still alive
– Still breathing
– Still here

So how are you today?

‘Nuff said. Till then!
Tata ~

Revamp? Just straightening out

New year. Fresh new start
2014 is over. We are survivors of the end of the world of 2 years, stepping into the 3rd. Stepping into a new calendar year, many even myself will think of having a fresh start in life. The new year is such a symbolic moment to leave the bad behind and embrace the new goal for this year.
This year for me is Enwei goes travelling. With that being said, I’ve already made my first trip to Bali on the first month. Now I have 2 more flight bookings made but it’s only for the 1st half of the year. 2nd half still has no plans. Just gonna see what can I do then.
I was flipping through my passport and realised that I didn’t go out of the country last year. So one of my forever new year resolution is to have a stamp on my passport at least once a year. I’ve got so many pages left untarnished.
Also, I’ve finally changed my blog URL!! Almost all my social media platform now holds the same username. This should have been done last year during my blog anniversary. Speaking of which, I have this blog for 9 years. Wow, that’s really long but nobody knows. That’s okay. I’ve just come to realised and decided that what I do should be for me and not trying to please others. That, I’ll leave it for another topic that I have no idea when it will come by.
So follow me up on my social media platform! The name is very easy – enweiping.
Read my Dayre if you want more updates from me at, the only platform that I can use my name on its own.

Oh my… Down to 10 days

Another lazy, nothingness Saturday again! 1 more Saturday to go before it is the end of 2014!

That is fast.

This month has been so packed for me that I can’t even have time to take in all that Christmas feel. Definitely a super busy month for me and it’s not ending yet. Not even for Christmas.

Since this place has been left out in the cold for half a month, there will be 1 post up each day starting from Monday. It’s not easy making such promises and come out with some decent post each day when I can’t even have a consistent time of updating here.

I do have some stuff in the making, but it’s always stuck at ‘in the making’. Time is not helping to make things better.

So just for a quick sneak peak, the entries will be past events that have taken place this month and end of last month.

Christmas tree up at my place!

My care free Saturdays

My kind of Saturdays would be laying on the bed with my comforter and multiple pillows and stuff toys laying beside, all over me.
That is if I have nothing planned for the day.
It is a day where I become nothing, thinking nothing, and doing something.
Most of the time I spent catching up my YouTube vids for the week. And if my procrastination bug is not activated, I will be doing something with my blog. Either writing a new blog post or upgrading my layout.
It is hard for me to just sit in front of the laptop and start typing out the words. I am always constantly thinking of what to say but once I’ve thought it out, it just disappears. My chain of thoughts moves faster than my fingers can type. Or by the time I grab for a pen & paper or open the notepad on my device, the thought has gone with the wind.
Hence, to even have the words come out, they come in random moments. My brain’s memory storage system cannot recall what has been said or thought.
Some might say that it is a waste of time for doing nothing, but I would say this is my way or recuperating from 5 days of working up my brain cells/juice.
So, here’s my 1 thing to achieve on a chilling Saturday: NOTHINGNESS
Nuff said. Tata~

I just wanted meatballs!

90km, 3 districts, 1 hour 45 minutes, 1 goal.

and I came back empty handed.

I was disappointed, upset, and just speechless that I’ve actually spent the time, the petrol, and the drive under a bright sunny day just to go back with an empty stomach.

I have a plan of doing something that I could do on the day that I could go out running errands on a working weekday. I’ve been wanting to eat IKEA meatballs for some time now. The craving is back, especially I’ve been visiting IKEA lately. Weekends or public holidays are a no-no when it comes to going out to public areas. So there was I, having a day off on a weekday to satisfy my craving. But that’s not the case. I travelled far and wide there just to find out that there’s no parking. NO PARKING ON A WEEKDAY!

What I did next? Drove away.

Saw this place, A Pie Thing a few times that I’ve travelled along Uptown area. So I decided to give that a try since I’m already all the way in PJ area.

Went there to find out that it was closed.

Already being annoyed that the fact that I can’t have my meatballs, I went drove home.

Brunch? 2 bags full of jambu air. I would say that’s about 1kg there.

I want my IKEA Swedish meatballs!!!

Nuff said. Tata~