Christmas Dinner came early

Lately I’ve not been sticking to my 2-eggs-only-for-dinner diet because I’ve such wonderful colleagues who wants to go out for dinner. How can you say no to food when you have good company.
So my the frequency of my food intake has increased lately. Last time, I just eat breakfast, lunch and some snacks for afternoon tea. At night most probably I’ll be skipping dinner. But as of late, I have breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and now dinner. How not to gain those few extra pounds. NOOOOO!!
Do not tell me that I can afford to gain those pounds. No, I tell you. No!
Anyway, on the last Wednesday in November when Becca and I were scavenging for food, Denise the Bunny told us that she has special invites to Délifrance Christmas Dinner Specials at Avenue K. It was by invitation only. Becca couldn’t go as she has a lot of work to finish up. I had the pleasure of having half of the Happyee duo to go with, Pui Yee.
Though we were that tad bit late, but nonetheless, the food was like on free flow mode, not to mention, on pointe.

They even had a table with deco and the Christmas menu food layout properly for the camera to eat.

Not disappointed at all with their food.
The one dish that I would like to highlight is their Provencal Lamb Stew.

I’m a fussy eater. And when it comes to lamb, I’m even fussier because of the taste and smell. The meat was tender and the sauce compliments the it well without leaving any gaminess. With the black pepper definitely helps in marinating the sauce and meat together.
The Grilled salmon with dille sauce was a classic. The salmon’s texture was just nice. Not too raw for a grilled dish, and yet not overcook till the meat is dry.

It whole event was not all about eating Christmas dinner dishes.
There’s a segment of decorating gingerbread man!
There was a demonstration by their in-house pastry chef on the behooving way of decorating the gingerbread man. The first thought that came into my mind was Gingy in Sherk.
It was a fun time. Our theme was minimalist.
We scanned across the floor, the others decorated their gingerbread man so nicely. Ours looks like child’s play.
#Fun fact: They are called Santa’s helper if you asked for it in Délifrance.
I always thought that Délifrance is only a bakery shop. Didn’t know that they too actually offer meals there.
I went home with a happy stomach. Because a hungry Enwei is an angry Enwei, but satiate Enwei is a happy Enwei.
‘Nuff said~ Tata!

Just wanted to eat something nice

Was supposed to go on a road trip on the first day of November. Went all the way to KL city, but had a change of plan after 1 phone call. Already came all the way out and it’s lunch time, went to hit the nearby mall that would be less crowded on a weekend. So Midvalley it was.

Next question would be ‘What to eat?’.

The question started from the moment we have decided to go to Midvalley until parked the car to walking around the mall. By default, if I don’t have any cravings for any type of food, it’s always Japanese food. I could think of Sushi Zanmai. But then at the corner of my eyes, I saw Ippudo. I only tried Ippudo once and it was delicious!

So at first thought of just checking out the menu and price. Little did I know, the next thing, we were escorted to our table. I was there for the ramen only. But lo and behold, there’s other dishes to try out too.

Karaka Tamago

Such sinful and yet at the same time so satisfying.

Sake Mentai Rice

Though the bowl is small, but man, that was enough as 1 serving. Sometimes, quantity is not everything. The mentai and salmon was melting in my mouth. 

Tried their seasonal chef promotion too.
Lasagne Gyoza
Chashu Tsukune Teppan

Anything that has a pork dish is always a plus point for me.

In total, the damaged done for 2 person is almost RM100. That’s only like once in awhile I get to really indulge in such expensive dining experience.
‘Nuff said. Tata~

Making mid week more happening

Who says party is only on weekends or the next day is a weekend.
After 2 days of chilling at home with my dogs, I cam back to work only to find out that there’s an event I had to attend. At least I was dressed for the occasion minus the footwear. Oh well, it’s who you go with that’s all that matters.
Went to Signature at The Roof because it was Live Music Series! We had the 80’s Retro, Funk & Rock session. Changing current pop music into that genre.

The moment you walked into the area, there’s a ever glowing-changing-colour-wishing tree as the centre piece.
Well, it was not all about the music. They have exclusive new menu sampling too! When there is food, there is a happy Enwei!
Fresh Tataki Oyster
First dish that came to our table. The dish was so-so on my taste buds. The oyster and the topping (cheese + butter, if not mistaken) was a bit off though. Maybe it was left out in the cold for some time.
Pasta in a spoon
The pasta dish was by far a recover from where the oyster left off. It’s delicious!
We took some group pictures here and there. When we were about to leave ’cause I need to catch the train, don’t want to leave stranded on the streets, dessert came.
Signature cendol & Mud pie
The mud pie is actually chocolate ice cream and whipped cream. You can’t go wrong with chocolate ice cream. The cendol on the other hand had a nice pandan scent to it.
It was not all food but there’s free flow of beer too! Not that I can drink that much. Trying to avoid smelling like an alcoholic on the train.
Group photo
Adrian trying to photobomb us
It was a nice experience when you have crazy friends around!
Photos credits to The Bunny Writes aka Denise
‘Nuff said. Tata~

Welcome, November!

I only had 2 posts up in October. You guys must be bored of coming to my blog, looking at the same articles.
I don’t want to promise that I will update more often. ‘Cause I know I’m not good at keeping them.
So anyway, I do have a few articles in the making (always taking forever). My procrastination level is way up there. Sorting out a few things here and there while catching my vocabulary. They seem to be running away from my brain.
Here’s some teaser pictures to entertained you guys at the moment.
Nuff said. Tata~

How I Cook My Instant Noodles

There is a logic in me where it makes no sense to me that I need close to an hour just to prepare and cook for myself. The point here is cooking for MYSELF. I don’t mind cooking for a group of people. At least the whole meal time is not 10mins.
Back in uni I do cook for my housemates on a weekly basis. All the nonsense talk across the table was priceless.
Anyway, I don’t find a point to prepare and cook for almost an hour just to finish it under 10mins. Hence, I have some #LazyEnweiRecipe that are quick and simple. Since it’s for my taste palates only, as long as the taste is not too shabby, it’s fine with me as long as my tummy is not funny.
My blog title has said it all. This is how I cook my instant noodle, quick, simple, and most important, less mess/washing. Lazy people tend to find ways to cut process while getting desired end result.
So all you need for this are:
  • 1 packet of instant noodle of your choice
  • 2 fresh eggs
  • water

First, bring the water to a boil. Best if it gets piping hot. While you are at it, crack the eggs into the bowl that you are gonna use for eating. Make sure the eggs are fresh for this recipe.
When the water comes to a boil, add flavouring into the water. Tip: If you are just using packet noodles, you can have any soup base as your choice. The simplest is add anchovies.
Once water reaches a boil, let it continue to boil for another minute. Then quickly pour WATER OVER EGG (in the bowl) and cover it with a plate. Do not try to take a peek. Let it sit for at least 5 minutes.
After that, fill in some water to cook the noodles use the same pot/kettle. Cook the noodles to your liking. Drain the water and add it to your soup base with the eggs.
And that’s
Here are some important note you need to remember. It must be WATER OVER EGGS. If not the egg will be under cooked.
There was a period of time where I did not have any instant noodles because I consumed till a quantity that was astonishing to me. Although this year I’m back to this as it was the cheapest, easiest and fastest alternative to keep myself away from hunger, I’m back to being instant noodle sober.
Hopefully I can have more #LazyEnweiRecipe that are a bit more as what people would put it, healthier.
Nuff said. Tata~

I just wanted meatballs!

90km, 3 districts, 1 hour 45 minutes, 1 goal.

and I came back empty handed.

I was disappointed, upset, and just speechless that I’ve actually spent the time, the petrol, and the drive under a bright sunny day just to go back with an empty stomach.

I have a plan of doing something that I could do on the day that I could go out running errands on a working weekday. I’ve been wanting to eat IKEA meatballs for some time now. The craving is back, especially I’ve been visiting IKEA lately. Weekends or public holidays are a no-no when it comes to going out to public areas. So there was I, having a day off on a weekday to satisfy my craving. But that’s not the case. I travelled far and wide there just to find out that there’s no parking. NO PARKING ON A WEEKDAY!

What I did next? Drove away.

Saw this place, A Pie Thing a few times that I’ve travelled along Uptown area. So I decided to give that a try since I’m already all the way in PJ area.

Went there to find out that it was closed.

Already being annoyed that the fact that I can’t have my meatballs, I went drove home.

Brunch? 2 bags full of jambu air. I would say that’s about 1kg there.

I want my IKEA Swedish meatballs!!!

Nuff said. Tata~