Food, my biggest weakness

You live to eat or eat to live?
When it comes to eating and food, I eat to live. Only when special occasion and/or hard to get food becomes an option, then I’m there, living to eat. 
Food has become something both needed and wanted. 
I have a different measurement for hunger. It’s not your typical hungry, full, or feel like snacking. My kind of measurement is famished, bloated, still can eat, don’t feel like eating or the most common – don’t know what to eat. Sometimes when I’m in famished mode, I still don’t know what I want to eat. Then end up not eating at all. Save money. 
Another don’t know what to eat moment is when there’s too many choices in the menu. I feel like ordering everything there if only I could afford it. 
So come the days where I’ve people made the choice of where to eat, still, it’s hard to make a decision on what to eat.
However, at times we just gotta enjoy the little things in life that we get. If we were to always pick and calculate on what do or eat, what joy is there in life. Read properly – if we ALWAYS. Will leave that for another topic.
Beginning of the month I’ve spoilt myself with some good food. Food therapy for the soul and mind.
Went to The Curve to try this – Johnny Rockets. Heard they have another branch opened in Avenue K, beside KLCC. 
When have people singing at a certain time. Entertaining customer with music and dance. 
Most probably one of the reasons why during that time service will slow down. They are too busy dancing with much enthusiasm. 
Ambiance wise, it is very retro, 60’s diner feel. 
Food wise, I find it fairly normal. Don’t see what’s so special about it. Their famous milkshake is kinda pricey though. 
Burgers, burgers, and more burgers. 
Still prefer Tony Roma’s. 
Move on to the next fulfilling meal in the week. 
How can you say no to moist chocolate cake with banana and array of buffet set up. 
The food was so delicious that the lamb is tender with good aroma. So much so that I went for 3 servings. Not easy to find places that cooks good lamb dish.
I need happy food at times to help me salvage my sanity. 

Weekend Outing

My first weekend all by myself living in the concrete jungle. Had 2 different outings for the 2 day weekend. 
1st was on Satuday, followed a friend for their life group/ cell group/ care group to Kuala Selangor. As I recalled, it was my second time to that place. Nice sunset, delicious seafood, and cruising down the riverbank to see fireflies. 
Managed to watch the sun setting. No filter needed.

 Nothing much to rave about the food. It’s all about seafood! Had dinner at River View Seafood Restaurant. Seems like that’s what people do when they come to Kuala Selangor.

Ate almost a plate of lala

 After dinner went to see fireflies at Kelip-Kelip Kampung Kuantan. Talking about going back to hometown in another state! Managed to see lots of fireflies compared to my last trip which was like 2 years ago. Friendly boatman too.

Though I didn’t have to drive all the way there but still had to drive all the way to PJ from Serdang. Traffic wise was still fine, just not with that Kancil of mine.

Next day drove all the way to PJ again to meet up with another friend. Why so many are staying at that area?! Reached there in time for tea.

Being a jakun

 Went to Snowflake for the first time after hearing and passed by for so long. Wasn’t taken aback by the food as it was similar to ZenQ back in Kuching. Price wise was practically the same just that the variety is slightly different. I still prefer ZenQ for now. They have more variety in one bowl.

Had Japan Combo II

The base and toppings are the same just the texture and intensity of the flavour differs. 

From my weekend outing, I have a pre-conclusion of not driving all the way to PJ for 2 days straight. At least I don’t have to travel everyday from PJ to Bandar Baru Bangi for work. KL/Selangor traffic is seriously freaking me out even more when I’m driving that Kancil of mine.

Food Galore!

Something to cheer me up while I’m at stress time.
Been neglecting this little spot for a long long time. So bringing a bit justice back into this space, what else is more appropriate than bring food back!
*Caution: Those hungry and craving for food should turn away now or bear the consequences later. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!*
All of the food below can only be found in Beijing, China or that’s just where I got them. Oh how I miss the weather there and the street food! It’s all about the streets! Well, my whole experience of eating is either from street vendors or restaurants that the tour guide took us. Not a big fan of tours now.
Glorious food moments.

Barbeque – pork meat!
More barbeque – chicken wings and PORK EARS!
Beauty shot of food
Reality shot – One giant bowl of beef noodles… Mostly just noodles, only that tad bit of shredded chunks of meat 
Dumplings of a different place.
Street dumplings
More Dumplings! 
Taste-wise still not bad but portion-wise, well…. 
Some sample tidbits for us to try
Pork sausage… say What?!
Black chicken herbal soup with wanton! oh yeah

One thing China and Philippines have in common is pork everywhere. Oh my food heaven. Apologies to vegans and non pork eaters but I just love my food.

Yes, food does make me happy but that does not mean I abuse food by making my body suffer. Period.

On to the next food hunt! My life is all about traveling and food. Anyone wanna hire me? ><

Done with food, back to starvation and work.

Filling up the tummy!

Restaurant and home cooked food just for Day 1.
What a blessed day to start the trip with all expense by our host we just met on the plane and off the arrival hall. Keeping the full story for later. Just a few more days. We went to SM Clark mall for some drinks but ended up…
Some local delicacy rice. 

 Adobong Puso Rice if not mistaken. Has some vinegar and soy sauce with chucks of meat in it. Strictly NON halal. This serving was good enough for 2.

Roast Pork Leg / Lechon with vinegar + soy sauce to dip

Pork Satay


 They have caramel in between the layers. Too sweet for my taste buds.

Mashed potatoes

 This has a slightly different texture to it. Not those smooth velvety kind but has a little bit to it and it somehow tasted like having some herbal chicken flavour mixed with it. That’s what my taste buds told me.

In Malaysia we have diet coke and regular coke. Have you seen Coke Zero or Sprite Zero? Not a cheap meal for something light and our new hosts were very kind to treat us as some ‘welcoming party’.
Back to the house to continue with dinner.

Pau like with either salted egg or cheese
Coconut filling to eat with the pau
Chicken wings
Fried Chicken
Another local delicacy – Sisig. 

 Sisig is actually fried chopped pig’s head. Don’y worry, I don’t think there is any brain present in the dish.

Philippines style Lo mee
Frog in curry style

Frog is not commonly found as according to the host. He got it just about the day we arrived I guess if not it might be the day before. Blessed indeed.

Chicken Soup
Local sauce

My friend like this sauce so much that she have it throughout her meal.


Imagine all the food consumed in a day, more like less than 4 hours. Previous food haven’t finish digesting then new ones to fill up the stomach again. Can’t thank the host enough for providing such wonderful experience.

Be at home no more

Finally my time of seeing new lights has come. Although I was the first to finish my finals but I didn’t feel any excitement or joy until some of my housemates finished theirs. Not that I am complaining about finishing early. I’m glad that I don’t long intervals in between my papers. Waiting is a torture by itself. Monday was only the start of having others to join me in shake-leg and hanging around mode.
Celebration did not come straight away like how it used to be. Waited till night fall then the party starts. Every time when we go out, we’ll find a new place to eat and most of the time is Western cuisine. And for some reason that I’ve yet to find out, there are a lot of Western cuisine in town! A lot of them do it al fresco style or home dining-ish style or a mixture of both like the one I went to Monday night. 
 A night out also means that it’s time to dress up / doll-up / not-the-average-campus-look. The only time where you see me somewhat different.
I have being dubbed as the human GPS by my housemates. Not a human Google yet. So locating it was not that difficult when some reference here and there and the old fashion of looking up into a map, Google map! It is still not that 100% or 99% reliable but satisfactory enough. Not long into our mini road trip, we came to this.
Secret Garden Bistro Bar

It was the place I thought of it all along. Fascinating after entering the gates. First to be in the path of our sight is this lovely looking building.

A big house with lots of dim lights and ample room for parking.

Took no time at all to enter the premise and see what’s so lovely inside.

On my left. Always love to sit on the couch section.
Very nice ambience. Good for those who want to take wedding photos perhaps. The warm yellow light is kinda soothing but not good for taking pictures. Deco wise it is a little homey on the inside, a little wild wild west bar at the entrance, some resort-ish for dining outdoors, and there’s a place just for holding big parties. Reservation is a must I guess for that.
Menu please.
When we were looking up for price range of the places we had in mind, we could not find any, ANY price indicator or something. So I just took the liberty to take a few snapshots of the menu. This restaurant? I wouldn’t call it a restaurant. This home dining place serves both Western cuisine and Asian cuisine. We only had the Western part, yet to try the Asian dishes. Price wise to be is a bit higher than average when it comes to lamb, steak, and salmon. The rest would be average for a place like this. 
Small snacks?

Bring in the dollar sign

Let’s have a closer look
My principle is if you do not know what to eat or order prior any recommendations or reviews, go for the ones that the place recommend. I got Chicken Kieve for myself while the rest of us got Chicken Roulette with apple sauce, Chicken Cordon Bleu and Fish and Chips, and a small bowl of mushroom soup as starters. 
Here comes the food verdict.  
Mushroom soup

The mushroom soup is lacking in some taste and density. I like having my mushroom soup thick and dense with some chucks.

Chicken Kieve

I was satisfied with my dish and it was recommended as shown in the menu. Did not really fancy the vegetable choice. Just some carrots and that green vege with I do not know what it is called. But happy with the mushroom sauce over the chicken. I think it was chicken breast they served. Presentation wise was a little bit off as you can see in the picture the placement of the dish is not exactly anywhere near the middle.

Chicken Roulette
Note: That was not the original presentation of the dish. My friend was clearly was not liking this. It was dry but the apple sauce was distinctive. The mashed potato was nice even on its own for me.
The other 2 did not have any pictures. Fish and chips was normal except the only difference was there was coleslaw and chips while the chicken side dishes were all the same. 
So onto photo taking session to redeem the lacking of the food. 
CNY is just around the corner!
The big party reception area. Look a bit Balinese
Chilling in the nest.
Spot for more seats!
Slowly walking down to the parking area.

Am I in some kind of getaway?
A fairladyZ with a tower that overview the whole of Kuching
Total damage for 4
Overall I find it acceptable with the price I pay for the food and the whole shebang. I look at the whole package while one of my friend only see the worth of the food. So it’s up to preference. I’m no food blogger
Next we head out for part 2 – Karaoke! How can we just go back home after eating and on the day where holiday starts. Holiday is holiday – no work, all play.
This was supposed to be up like 2 days ago. Look what am I doing in my free time rather than doing FYP. Procrastination much…. Keep on procrastinating…