Being ‘Thin’

I wouldn’t have thought the day would come for me to get fat-shamed. Yeah, fat-shamed, not thin-shamed.
I thought I was obsessed enough to be thin. There is someone else who always wanna be thinner. I have 2 standards of being thin – the model thin or the normal thin. Well, I am no fitness or nutrition expert, so whatever standards that I have is based on how one looks, dress size, and all those superficial stats.
Back to my story.
My housemate (don’t think she will ever find out about this or hopefully she doesn’t) aspire to be thin, like model thin. Mind you, I am ‘fatter’ than her. My thighs are bigger, my stomach is bigger, my hip and butt are bigger, you get the picture. She is on this diet to cut down carbs and fats, as well as counting calories. And here, I am eating 2 bowls of rice per sitting. Whatever, I know what my body needs and how it functions in order for me to maintain or getting a flatter stomach.
Most of the time when she sees me or when I am at home, she will ask me if she has lost any weight. After waking up, before going out, even after eating she will complain she is fat. Every morning, I presume she weigh herself (from what she told me).
In that moment, I can totally rely to a guy. How they feel when their significant other asks them if they look fat. I mean like I see you most of the time, how can I tell the difference as each day you are changing. Unless I have not seen you in a week or more, probably I can tell or you have some clothes that you usually wear before losing the weight or look smaller, then it might be a different story. Come on, you expect others to notice even the slightest change? If there is such a person able to do so, good for the said person or you.
She has been going on about losing weight (/fats) for a while now by controlling what she eats, not really much on her snacking (you can sense my sarcasm here) and also doing some light exercise like running and swimming (occasionally). She did managed to lose some weight, according to her weighing scale and pants, however, it is not enough. She wants to be model thin.
So after such a long explanation, where is the part where she fat-shames me?
She was saying how some of our colleagues brings their own food to work, avoid snacking during work, as well as eating what the company provides. Those people are the ideal body type that she wants. As for those that snacks and eat company provided food, she was saying that usually they are on the chubby side or I would put it as the normal standard size. So I went on saying I still eat what the company provides. Her reply?
‘Yeah, but you are not that thin as well.’
Oh wow!
And people tells me that I am thin.
Guess, I am not model thin and I don’t really care about chasing that type of body shape anymore. I just listen to what my body tells me and try to maintain or if I can, try to get a little lower. I am just going to work on getting a flat stomach.
– End of story –
Just needed some story telling space because I can’t imagine that I would get fat-shamed one day.
Till then, tata ~