After much frustration


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I did it!

I’m proud of myself to be able to reformat the laptop all on my own and upgrade the MacOS. Normally I would rely o my brother to help me with technology stuff. But when he’s not around, I gotta do it on my own. Of course I did consult my brother and Google in my attempt. My laptop keeps telling me that I’m running low on storage. What to do when the internal storage is about 61GB. Why does the system takes up more than half of it? Now after that I’ve reformatted, the system takes up 40GB out of the 60GB storage available. Don’t tell me now to change my laptop because Apple does not have 11″ MacBook Air anymore. I don’t really fancy the 13″. It’s too bulky for me to bring around.

I’d still prefer to have a laptop in handy than just to rely everything on the iPad. Prices are way off the charts now. I can’t bring myself to spend so much money on a new laptop when the current one is still functioning well, nor spending the amount equivalent to a laptop back then for an iPad Pro. iPad Pro in my opinion is almost as powerful as a laptop.

Coming back to the story of reformatting the laptop.

I get frustrated really easily when things don’t go the way I intended. Like troubleshooting when the outcome is not the same as what was shown n the steps. I wanted to update to Sierra OS, however the message of not being able to do so keeps popping up whenever I’m in that reformatting stage. So move to Mojave OS instead. Apparently when I Google the MacOS versions, Mojave is the latest one. Am I right? Anyway, my main goal was to get more storage to do all these updates and stop getting notification that my storage capacity is running low. They are really annoying. Can’t they just leave me alone. Even now when I’ve cleared everything and only put in the necessary apps, the system still takes up 40GB out of the 60GB available. Where in the world is this system taking up my space?!!! I am angry. There is really no point in changing my laptop.

What I want / use my laptop for?

  • Web browsing
  • Blogging (almost in non-existence)
  • Video Editing (something I want to pick up again)

I think that’s about it that I use my laptop for. As I’ve mentioned earlier that I would still like to have a laptop is because there are some functions in the laptop that the iPad cannot mimic. iPad I feel that is just an extended arm of the laptop. So, laptop’s spot remains untouchable. Desktop option is not even in consideration. Don’t even have the need for that.

But why don’t go for other brands? Why stick with Apple?

Simple. I have all my decives synced to Apple. I like that convenience and I am used to it. Not that I can’t adapt to new OS or anything. It is just I like to have the convenience. Isn’t that what technology is all about? So indirectly I’ve become a slave to my devices. It is what it is.

For the time being, I’m just going to stick to what I have. No point fixing or changing when there is no problem in this case. Why have additional expenditure when it is not needed.

Till then, stay sane!

Going Minimalist

I have again changed my blog’s aesthetics.
I am trying to go minimalist in my life and my lifestyle. I am changing slowly in different aspects of my life. Since this blog has been with my for so long, I should get this done early and get those posts out to revive (yet again) this little corner.
Why minimalism?
I like how it simplifies my life from having to make choices that consumes me most of the time. 1 less thing to go through my thought process, 1 more thing to ponder. It is just a cycle of trying and figuring out what works for me. I have to declutter the mess physically and mentally. First, I need to start from within. That way, I hope that I can declutter items laying around in the room.
Let’s see how long I can keep up with this minimalism way of life, as well as how long is this blog aesthetic is gonna hold.
‘Nuff said!
Till then, tata ~

I love stuff toys more than humans

That is a fact.

Most people that knows me knows that I LOVE stuff toys. At the same time, I’m very picky on the quality and texture of the stuff toys. So far, NICI has been my favourite with 3 of my ‘boyfriends’ are from there.

A new discovery is Bunnies By The Bay.
I’m a sucker for soft-feeling stuff toys, hence why they are sometimes called soft toys. Never like those resembles a human, worst, a child. Those send chills down my spine. Okay, that’s an exaggeration but you get my point.
My first 2 ‘boyfriends’ were actually birthday presents. When it comes to getting presents for birthdays or whatever special occasion, we try to get something that the receiving person would like. So instead of having my friends scratch their head trying to figure out what to get me for my birthday, I just showed them what I wanted with the budget brought into consideration. Yes, I don’t mind telling people what to get for me as a present since I’ll be the one having it. No point going on about the guessing game and in the end pushing the present to one side and that’s it. Waste of money and effort in getting the present.
Anyway, back to the title.
I can come out with a list of reasons why I like/love stuff toys more than humans but neh. Don’t start with me by going but they are just stuff toys, don’t you want like a person, something real, yada yada yada…
I’m not saying as if I am only siding on 1 spectrum. It’s just called preference. Simple as that.
Anyhow, if you have not already know this about me, now you do.
Till then,
tata ~
p/s: This is how I’m starting my first post of the year here after 2 months has passed.


11 years and I’m still here


My me-time has come to a pause.
Time of the year again to look back at how far my blog has come. Also all the lack of update and just leaving it here for I don’t know what for. Not that I’m gonna be reading my previous posts from way back when.
I can say that for all these years this space has been the same – (mainly) for me to rant how boring my life is, how disorganised my mind functions, my travel trips (still got lots more pending). Also, how much I actually miss typing away, listening to the keyboards clicking.
So what’s different this time?

This is still a safe space for me.
No new year resolution because it comes anytime of the year. Why set/make/wait a new resolution only at the beginning of the year?
No promises on what will become of this blog. I’m not good at keeping them. So when I do make a promise, I will see it through.
‘Nuff said!
Till then! Tata ~
*unpause me-time*

Missing in Action

When there’s lack of updates on my social media platforms, it can only mean 1 thing – I’m tired with myself, life, my life.

Okay, this is not a depression post or anything of that. It’s just me going back to my hermit shell for some me-time, a very long me-time.
My mind is just cluttered with the same thoughts on replay. It’s not like I can shut them off with a switch. After so many years of dealing with clearing my head, the best solution so far is having time to come to terms to it. People might say or say that I think too much. Well, I do and that’s how I know how to get out of the situation.
Work definitely helps since there’s no time for me to stop and think. Whenever I have any alone time, the mind starts to go on a ride.

Alcohol doesn’t help at all. It’s only a temporary fix. More like a temporary escape and you’re back to face reality.

Shopping doesn’t help either. Neither for your bank account. Then you got to tackle the hoarding problem.

Reading helps to escape reality in a good way. I like reading those self-help or fiction books that brings in a different or multiple perspective to look at things.

Traveling helps a lot. Walking around the town alone is good therapy. You can tell that I like to people-watch. It keeps you thinking of what life these people are living and then you think that your life is not that bad either. In fact, my life is great!

Finding what makes me contented is really important to get through internal craziness. My boyfriends are there to do the job.
From left: BF #3 – Pebbles, BF #2 – Ka-cheng!, BF #1 – Ka-ping!
BF #4 – Billy!

Latest to join the club, BF #5 – H!

My whole lot of happy pills.
‘Nuff said.
Till then! Tata ~

They are here to stay apparently

Oh what life has upon to me,
That makes night like day, and day like night,
Thus bestow upon to me,
A twisted reality within sight.
Whenever I have my me-time (mostly when I’m alone in anytime of the day), my mind starts to wonder and go on a joy ride but after that leaves me hanging. Hence, it leads me to these situations.

1. Insomnia for no reason. 
Trying not to sleep so earlier so that I don’t have to wake up so early and then don’t know what to do. Then again, it’s making my skin looking bad these days until if I don’t have any makeup on, I’ll look like a zombie in the making. I think it has almost been a month that I’m sleeping way pass my bed time. Really sleeping early (in the morning) and waking up early. Some days I only have 5 hours of sleep and my body decides that it’s well charged.
2. Making nothing into a life’s question
When the mind starts to wonder, it is full on wonders. I’m amaze at how being stuck in the jam can be so productive for my brain in thinking of random questions that make puts me in a puddle. Causing unnecessary stress only. Often I would forget what’s the question until another random thought comes along.
3. Questioning my life’s goal
This is often the top in the list and has the highest frequency. Even when I’m bathing. the question will pop out. I’m always thinking what am I doing with my life. An unproductive day is another day wasted. 
Probably that’s why I need to keep my mind moving to block out all these. When there’s a quiet moment, the fun fair has just begun its opening hours.
‘Nuff said.