2pm will be the 1st paper…

The time has come after such long time…

Let’s do this!

All the best STPM & SPM (although it’s 1 day late) candidates!!!

the last moments…

I can now say it is my last year being in the school choir. The very last time going for nationals. Bitter sweet parting is all that happened.

Keep the spirit moving people!

The 3 days of absence. – whole lots of words with no pictures, pictures are in facebook.

We were suppose to meet in school at 7.30am to move out but then by 7.30am, students were there but teachers and bus drivers were nowhere to be found. Later called teacher, she said take the food first. The bus driver came later and told us that we’ll only be leaving at 8.45am. WTH!!! I’m not very good in waiting… now gotta wait for so long. anyway, the bus driver opened the doors of the bus and also for the luggage. All of us where like ‘chup-ing’ the sits. The food was still in the process of packing, we’re just hanging around the bus garage while it’s drizzling. Still no sign of teacher until we’re about to leave.

Off we go to Johore! not much activity was going on as the games we introduced were played for so many years for us seniors. Couldn’t really remember what was going on… laughter as usual fills the air in the bus. Later on there were 3 groups playing the same card game – ‘cho tai ti’. Minutes later we arrived at Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort.

Went to main clubhouse to get the keys. 3 BUNGALOWS for us. 1 for guys and 2 for girls. Teachers and the juniors took 1, the bus drivers stayed with the boys and us seniors got the biggest bungalow of all. As usual the scene of stepping into a big house looking for the rooms. Bags were left at the door step while the people were running upstairs searching for the right room to be in. There were some of us just love living in the living room. We took all the other mattresses that were not in use and lay it out in the living room. Chaos was short lived.

There were no activity for us and we were free to do whatever we want. Dinner was even sent to our door step. How cool was that. Mini gathering or large gathering was held in our bungalow. We practically on every single air-con that has people in. Had a mini party since gotta wake up early the next morning. but some of them carried on their party back in their place.

Competition day is now here. Get ready in our costumes and headed to teachers’ house. Teacher was still in bed. There’s this thing going on. Teacher always give the time to get ready early but they didn’t show up. It was not a competition day for me. The atmosphere was not there. We’re number 6 in performing. The feeling of being in a competition was not there for me. It was more of just-get-it-done. Teams from other states were good. One year of absence in nationals made a lot of difference. A lot of the team sang a’ Capella most of the time. We had 1 a’ Capella song though. Then we had a break and after that continue with the competition.

The 2nd half was not that nice, not because of the teams. Just that the atmosphere had been disrupted and most of the people in the hall start to fidget and not really paying attention to the competition. After all that has ended, went back to the house to freshen up. Went back to the main clubhouse for the closing ceremony…

While waiting to get the food… funny events took place.

1st – they guys had a dare to get one of the kedah’s girl’s number since their table was the closest. Teng and edmund was up. but failed though. Moments later there was this group of girls with a guy came up to that same girl. Somehow and somewhere the guy manage to get the girl out from the table. So we booed at teng and edmund. Then there was another happening event between us Pahang and Kelantan. I shall not mention it here. It’s too long and I’m too lazy to report bout it.

Results were announced.
1st – Penang
2nd – Sabah
3rd – Kuala Lumpur

Until now we still do not know our placing. Still waiting for it.

Suppose to have a party after the dinner… but much to avail, only a small scale one was held. I want a choir party!!!!

The next and final day, it was time to say goodbye to Johore and hello Pahang. There was some hiccups before we could leave the place. The management claimed that the boys’ house 2 towels were missing. Of course we did not take any from them. There were much delay until we finally went to the house to check. They say that there was suppose to be 14 towels. But when we checked, there were 16 of them. Teacher said that this happened to other teams too. They wanted us to pay rm60 each for the towel that they claimed was missing before we went to check. Kelantan payed rm210.

Later we move to Ayer Hitam for some so-called shopping. Teddy bear sale kononnya. I didn’t buy anything. And as usual, teacher said meet up at the bus by 2pm. But no, they came back around 2.15pm. so much for punctuality. We met the Selangor team in MarryBrowns.

While heading back home, we stopped at Endau for dinner. On the way back while the sky is getting dark, we told ghost stories and had a few laughes. Choir people…… had fun with the ghost stories? I manage to scare some of them…. Priceless screams…

Got back home by 9pm +++…..

This is not a detailed log bout the trip. Just some important facts.

School now = no fun

Imagine you’re not in college or university but gotta go back at 4pm.

Imagine going back at 4pm but gotta go to school before 7.30am.

Imagine for 8 ½ hours, you only get 1 hour break in total.

Imagine having to suffer the heat with hot air for such long hours.

Imagine waiting for time to pass.

Imagine after staying in that school for 7 years and now they want you to stay longer.

Imagine what the plans they have in store.

Well, it’s not the school’s fault per se. It’s the governments. It’s already scorching hot in the afternoon, with the fan blowing all the hot air around.

All I want to say is I don’t like staying in school until so late…!!!

It happened

the deciding day was here at last. all the jittery and butterflies in the stomach is now history. all the hard work are showed today.

there’s no more traveling for us.

no more sitting behind the bus making noise.

no more cracking silly acts.

no more fighting for the back sit.

no more traveling together.

some were sad, some were happy

anyway, it gotta happen



we’ve finally got back our title….. no more back to back lost…

but i’m still not satisfied.