Enough of the dreaming, it is time to take action.
That’s why I am in the PHILIPPINES! Continuing my ASEAN tour. It is a lifetime tour. One day flying 2 flights is not that uncommon anymore.
AirAsia can be a bummer at times. 
If it is not for their cheap fares and my tight budget, I would not even think of taking AirAsia. Many encounters left me hanging by the thread. 
Some mountain from the airstrip
Many people were taking photos as well. Might as well just be a tourist and do what tourist do while we can. Cool air from the moment we left the plane. Welcome to Clark!
Booked at this hotel while it was on promotion. A cheap price according to the locals. 
Tune Hotels anyone?

Full story only when I am back in Malaysia. Wifi is very precious in foreign land.

Interesting stats

It seems as though as there were more traffic when I was at my height of my exam period that is the 1st day. After a while, I myself have no motivation or any idea of what to put in here. 
Today is my second full day of leg shaking. How I ‘celebrated’ ending of another semester? Sleeping the whole afternoon. The internet was out for who knows what reason when I came back from my exam. What else better to do than sleep. Not that I was sleep-deprived but I still had to wake up early to catch the bus. No internet = nothing to do. There’s no way that I would start doing anything academic-related right after exams. No way! 
After 2 days of lifelessness, time to pick my lifeless body and make into good use. Planning for Philippines is in phase 2. Finding a place to stay and booking them is not as easy as it seems when looking for the cheapest in town can be a little ‘tricking’ if not daring enough. It takes a lot of courage seriously to even sent an email, let alone asking me to call. I know I may not look the part but I’m seriously terrified to make a booking over the phone as in calling. I’m a scaredy-cat I admit. That’s why no solo trips for me unless I’m familiar with the place ie: KL. 
One thing that I learn today: BLOGA ARE REALLY HELPFUL!
Well, lots of information comes from bloggers that actually take the time to help people like me from all the hassle of searching high and low for useful and detailed information. THANK YOU TRAVEL BLOGGERS! You’ve made my day so much easier and of course internet. That’s why I can’t live without internet if I’m not wanting to go or be anywhere.
Found one really helpful blog site *Journeying James* if you ever want to go Philippines. At least it was helpful to me. There are other destinations as well. Haven’t finish exploring the blog.
It makes me wanna do up my blog post properly so that it will be informative for other if they need some info or just browsing through for review. I’m getting hyped up, don’t know why. Knowing that I can contribute something is like *achivement unlocked*
Phase 3 of planning – budgeting. 
This is the difference where you get into a tour and backpacking style. Do all the work and save all the money with side adventures or just sit back and relax the whole journey. 
I’m alive once more with hopes of traveling!