I Wonder….

Some of u might be wondering y take 4 months juz to online…..
let me tell u y..
its a long-winded story.. so hope u can understand wat i’m typing here.

it started mid-January, where suddenly i cant online dy… at 1st it i had to wait for 2 hours, then 3 hours, then no matter how long oso not connected… then i thought mayb i din pay the bill so they cut me off (i alwaz pay 1 month later) ^^

there goes my 3 months of patience waiting. thinking that after i pay the bill it will b all right… padahal i pay rm66 for 2 months for ntg… Cis.. waste my money.. btw, i pay the internet bill all by myself. so that makes me dominated the internet… haha…

then came March, the thought of mayb the modem spoil came to my mind… so went to buy new modem which cost Rm155… good thing i’m not the one paying for it… came home try to setup and install… dah la i’m not so computer literate as my bro… hehe.. so gotta pandai sikit la.. then for the whole afternoon couldn’t get the Internet working.. so juz leave it there…

April came, my dad’s friend is in the computer business… so happen talk bout computer that one fine sunday after church service… so on that same day, my dad’s friend (shall b referred as DF short for dad’s friend) came to my house and check the com… took both old and new modem back to check whether r they spoiled…. then some days later, DF say that the old modem memang spoil dy. mayb when we r not at home din plug out the cable then lightning strike… so k lor.. good thing bought new modem dy… mana tau when DF check the new modem at his house say cant use… then my dad say check the whole com la… that was when the com went ‘missing’ for a few weeks…

It is May(after sooooo long), juz yesterday DF came with the com with extra stuff… new monitor, dvd drive/burner, printer and upgraded here and there… it was when we try the modem again… plug it in… waited for a while… it din work… oh no… i was hoping that i could use the internet dy.. then DF took his modem frm his car and loan to actually me to use.. coz i beh tahan dy after so long finally can online… then fixed his modem in.. wahh!!! so fast can connected… i was so happy.. feel like flying dy.. metaphorically… then later when DF ciao dy, my mom ask me to try the new modem that we bought again… k lor.. dun wan to waste money buy another modem try la…. oso her mood not so good dy … coz we bought webcam too… but cant find it anywhere… so change modem and install again… this time can install… completely somemore… wah… is God trying to test me?? or give me sign to study for my SPM.. haha…

so now using own modem but stil cant find the webcam.. *sob* *sob*… then another thing, coz for bout 3 months cant use internet so downgrade to rm20 which gives me 10 hours a month to online…. wahh…… 10 hours… i wonder how to save the time….

then yesterday in the morning i’ve got sch choir competition district level ny.. but the competition was tense for all SABS choir team… coz got one of our good and the vice president of choir club went to smk alor akar… sad case… the competition was tight… but we manage to win… wat a relieve man.. when heard that alor akar got second.. coz if they get 2nd still got hope for us to win… sorry la li ann… if we dun win got no face la… somemore is my last year… cant let choir musnah in my hands….

2 happy things happen in one day‘seong hei lum mun’ (in canto)


YES!!!!!!! I’m back with my internet… YEaH!!!!!

imagine 4 Months WITHOUT internet and see… everytime ask ppl to faster update..
but this time, there r a few changes…

new 17″ LCD Monitor

new printer

new dvd driver/burner (top)

lets see the remaining old stuff: keyboard, mouse, cpu(but inside got a bit minor change) and the speaker…

After a long time

now its 3 months with no internet dy…
even after buying new modem oso no use.. wasting my money now!!!!
now not only internet cant use, computer oso cant even on!! WTH!!…
why is this happening to me?? i need my internet back…
so for those who read my blog, u’ve gotta wait at least once a month to read it..

yesterday my church went to visit the air force base… we get to play with the simulator then we get to see a real jet and helicopter… but too bad cant put pics in.. image 1 jet plane cost rm80 million!!!!!

After 1 month without internet….

i survived without internet for a month… can u?? hahaha….
y no internet for one month?? i dunno. mayb they suspended the account coz pay late.. ^^
but it’s not my fault… they say unlimited usage of internet n now they cut off mine… Cis!!
so now i’m in my friend’s house so that can update my blog can check my mails.. hehehe….
juz a simple update after so long….

ho yek chin peng… haha…(edited)

yesterday went to mega to ‘celebrate’ yek chin’s birthday.. btw her b’day is 19th jan.. since she told us she was coming late, we took the time to buy present for her…

yek chin a.k.a. the blur queen –

haha… look at her face… blur rite??~ haha….
practically we were taking picture most of the time… but too bad la.. i dun hav camera-phone.. cant take pic when i like. T.T

we ate at pizza…. then b4 we walk in, at the side w
indow there.. OMG!!! u know i saw who?? its, joanne, matilda and boon mean.. haha… fooled ya.. alice and nicole were not there at that time.. God knows where they went.. haha.. they were there to celebrate alice’s birthday.. hers is 20th jan. one day younger than ho yek(nice name..^^)

here r the pictures we took ~~

~ me and yewLee ~

~ me and mikki~

Group Photo

BAD dAy!!!

its been more than a week since i updated my blog….. joanne!!! here’s someting for u to read…

today is really one bad day… early in the morning kena bitten by mosquitoes until both of the legs SO itchy… then hav to sleep despite of all the itch.. ish..

went to school…. perhimpunan…. so damn long… stand until legs like jelly dy.. the perhimpunan was like more than 45 mins… WTH.. stand for so long.. wanna squat –> pengawas come and ask ‘r u all rite??’ (this happened to someone) wanna talk –> pengawas come and ‘shish’ u or diam or stop talking… on top of that, this ‘lian hua’ (a person) was i-dunno-wats-wrong-with-her so angry and quiet.. then cant talk to yewLee coz she is at the back.. the whole time listening to the outspoken karlisyle… u go girl!!

FINALLY the school decided to change the time to go back… from the insane monday and wednesday 3.40pm to so-much-better 2.35pm… tuesday and thusday from not-so-good 2.40pm to juz-15mins-less 2.35pm and friday can go back at 12pm…

i dunno wats wrong wit the sejarah teacher… so annoying and meleter a lot plus his we-dunno-how-to-listen wonderful bm… his mouth does not open… my bad day was practically started by him.. then moral teacher din come, so mr. tan took the relief masa… he juz wanna do wat he suppose to do.. he even took modern math 1 period.. coz he wont be coming to class for quite sometime… very rajin and good teacher.. haha.. this teacher dun play play…