Feel so sad….*haiz*

since i havn’t been blogging a while… so wanted to update it and try not to leave the blog *cough* dead *cough*… its feels kinda sad that when i or other ppl go into the blog, there’s no new blog.. so wat i’m doing rite now is to waste ur time reading it. ngekngekngek….

ok la… i got something to blog about anyway…

i’ve got 2 things to blog but dunno y cant upload any pics, so gotta abandoned wat i actually wanted to blog. *haiz* i know i’m very ‘cheong hei’ long-winded… so bear with me.. ^^

ever since sch started, we get to see our friends and talk to them and hang out with them during recess.. but this year, it seems different already.. i felt that as if i did not exist.. when i talk, nobody would listen and even if i repeated myself nobody would be bothered.. sometimes i like being alone, at least i have my world to myself.

a human mind is complex.. we could not know wat a person is thinking… we would not know if the person does not like u but pretends to be very friendly with u. everyday we are playing mind games with each other.. good friends can read each others mind but not all the time. girl in girl world is tough, can someone agree with me??!! yes, friends are good if they hav good intention.. wat am i crapping here?? i hav no idea….

i know that posting this will make me vulnerable… so ppl might say ‘ so y post it? dah la know that will make u vulnerable’ and bla bla bla…. yes, i know but i juz wanna speak my thoughts. do u know how hard it is to keep all the thoughts inside.. i feel that i dun hav anyone to turn to except ppl who reads my blog…

the feeling of letting out feels so good…. *phew*

-the weather today is so cool and cold and moody-

stupid internet and 1st day of SCHOOL!!!!

until now the internet is still so SLOW!!!! WTH…. slow a bit ok la but until messenger oso cant sign in… EEEeeeee……
way to go to start the new year… stupid earthquake in taiwan… make me cant chat online..

Ok. so today’s the 1st day of sch… =.= no fun at all.. other than meeting friends that havnt seen for like 1 and a half months… so wat really happen was that my class is splitting into 2 classes… oh no..the class will not be as fun anymore… my very very good friend yew lee is in the other class.. nooo…… now cant talk to her in class anymore… it will be so so boring without her. now my class got only 4 Chinese Girls!!! wth… stil the chinese dominated the class…

other than this bad news, got even worst news!!! now rather than finishing school at 2pm, they change to 3.40pm, 2.20pm and 12.20pm… u know y??!! coz of the stupid perhimpunan muz giv time to them… and now the periods are all 40mins.. at least i’m not taking chinese, so no need to stay back until 4.20pm.. poor them.. have to stay so long in school..

my class dun hav most of the teachers that taught us last year.. most of them we dun even who is it.. we dun hav any idea who is our class teacher… whole day in sch only english teacher came in.. got some are good teachers, got some… erm…. hav to pray hard for us not for them… wahahaha….. these teachers gonna have a hard time handling us… hehe.. ^^

it still havnt indulge in me that i’m already form 5… i stil dun feel that i’m 17 this year… now that i’m form 5, become ‘tai ka jie’ dy.. haha…

Happy New Year 2007!!!!

ok so now its new year. so wat’s the big deal??!! erm… its kinda big for me..
this year i’m gonna sit for SPM SPM!!!!! but it still havnt hit me yet.
so wat’s with the new year?? its juz another year, getting one year older = i can get my driving license… WOW.. finally, a chance to drive. no need to see if anybody is free… yea!!!
but i’ve gotta wait for 6 months b4 i can get hold of it…

so i celebrated the new year in kl, finally after soooooooo loooooooog, i get to step into one-utama.
din get to walk the whole of 1U juz get to walk the new wing. man, its was tiring. for 3 hours, all i bought was 2 t-shirts….. 2 out of so many shop i went into…. all the clothes that i wanted is out of my reach… y?? coz its either too expensive even after sale or the clothes r not suitable for my current lifestyle…

i cant believe that i’m going back to school in juz 2 days… y does the holiday hav to end so quickly when i’m about to enjoy it….. well, at least this year when ppl ask bout my age, they wont get it wrong.. haha…. it means i’m getting old.. nnoooooo…… but its kinda nice too.. haha…
too much crapping dy..

~ anyway, trying to enjoy every moment of school life while i still can ~

Hate my life at this moment….

some ppl juz iritates me TOOOOO much… they way they talk.. so sacrastic..

EEEEEEEEeeeeeeee…. tak boleh tahan

there r liars in my life.. y?? on top of that,they r close to me
y cant they juz keep wat they have promised ppl…

muz they change their mind last minute???!!!!!
y…. y…. y…. its so unfair!!!!!

i’m having a very bad mood today….
feel like punching something… (dun worry, its wont be a human)

my HAIR!!!!!

my long hair…… before and after.. haha….
on the left is 2 years ago.. on the right is just a few days ago juz cut them…
but now my hair is back to curly, no longer like the pic is nice and straight… *sob* *sob*
which one u think is better?? hahahahahahahahahaha…….

-carzy dy due to all the boredom during holiday, its time to release them-


haha… see, i got ntg to do during holiday until decided to make a blog..
y?? coz :

1st – i dun wan to keep all the complaint i hav in my head..
2nd – if i complaint to ppl not good lor~ after they think that i’m like to complaint a lot..
3rd – it is oso good to write down things in my life so that i can remember them.. rite??

so this 1st very post is dedicated to kenneth..(very big jasa wor) haha…. thanks to him who suggested something to do with my boring holidays, so hav to giv him some credit la~~

hey, at last i created a blog… out of boredom….