I made it up to Lion’s Head!


I did not make any plans for this trip. Was trying my luck to see if there is anybody that has any plans. I can always whip up a plan last minute. I’m always up for activities that requires physical strength when I travel. Sun and exercise, totally do it when I am away from my comfort zone.  Here is a montage of my hike before I start telling my story.

The weather was really good the day of the hike. A week ago or just a few days before I as there, it was cloudy and misty. Temperature was also on the cool side. So with a touch of the sun, it was bearable. Did not sweat buckets. We got an uber from our hotel to the starting point of the mountain a.k.a. the parking lot. It wasn’t that expensive to get there when you are sharing. However, there is no free internet connection getting back from Lion’s Head. You either got to have internet roaming facility or get help from a kind person to share their hotspot. Still thinking if I should get a third party roaming facility.


The view going up to the peak was incredible. We had to actually hike around the mountain to get to the top. There’s no easy way up, only determination and overcome the fear of heights and falling.


When they put up signs, you better do as what they say. I thought it would be like ‘oh, it’s here to help support you climbing’. Boy oh boy when I saw it…

You got to be kidding me.


It came to the intersection of whether you want to climb up using the staples and chains or go around the mountain using footpath. On the way up, I took the footpath trail as I was with someone who was really afraid of heights. Even with that, until a certain point, I had to literally get on all fours to get to the peak. Coming back down, I decided to take the staple trail down. At least I did try both ways. Of course the staple trail was much faster as you are just coming straight down. It is not that tall of a wall to climb because getting down from the peak is also another test of endurance.


Definitely not for the faint-hearted. I challenged myself good. But you get this fulfilling accomplishment for reaching to the top and enjoy the view. I might add that there are senior citizens that managed to get to the top as well. Determination is the key, also taking your time and don’t rush. Go with your own pace.


What a lovely view with the wind blowing, listening to the sounds below. I love catching some sea breeze anytime. The time I took to hike up was about 1.5 hours with resting in between and taking pictures as I mentioned that I was with another person. It could be done in less time of course. Coming back down was like 30 – 40 minutes. Getting back down is much faster as most of the time I am just sliding down the rocks. Would I go again? Maybe, if I don’t have anymore places to explore. But for now, I will visit some other place like Table Mountain or Cape Point.


Till then, stay sane!

Of pain I never knew


I got scared for a moment.

The day before, my lower back was already slightly hurting me. As night was falling, the pain gradually grew. I could still move about, just was not comfortable. The night before I fell asleep, I kept on rolling on the bed trying to find a comfortable spot.

I got up in the middle of the night adjusting my position. Sleeping on the side did not work, sleeping on my back was still uncomfortable, putting a pillow to support my lower back did not to the job either. Was tired but at the same time trying to fall back to sleep.

The next time I woke up, it was already 5am. Tried to move about and see if the condition has gotten any better. It was the opposite. I was paralysed, almost. At anytime I tried to move my left lower body, the strain is there. It is as if the muscle tendon is about to break. There I was thinking to myself, am I going to be bedridden the whole day? Who can help me at a time like this and at that time? I need and can only help myself.

Trying not to have nervous breakdown, I remembered that I have a medication for pain. I was thinking where did I put it as I was getting out of bed.

It was challenging. I tried to get up straight, that was a not gonna happen the moment I tried to get up straight. Moving my left leg was a struggle, could not wiggle myself out of bed. I slowly turn to my right side and slowly glide out of bed. Bending was not an option. Luckily my closet is not far away from my bed and I have water bottle just beside the bed.

Googled quickly the medication name and there’s muscle pain mentioned. Took that and waited for awhile. Slowly the pain subsided. Then I heard my flatmate came back from work. Messaged her if she would have any medication for me to apply. Luckily by then I could already get up and walk straight. Didn’t have to crawl out of my room to get the medication. The first medication work wonders to me. Proceeded to apply the cream and went back to bed to catch more sleep. What an ordeal to begin my morning. Had a fright there.

This time when I woke up, I could stretch more, still trying not to go to the full extend in case something happens. Still a bit of pain left. Thinking should I go to the doctor to check it out since I need to go to work the next day. I just let it be and observe how the condition will be. Decided the head to the mall to grab lunch as well as get some muscle relieve medication.

Spent my time at The Cheesecake Factory as they have the lunch menu. Portion size is still possible for me to finish it up.

Got their famous meatloaf. Boy, it was so salty, especially to me. The only saving grace is that I have a plain ice back tea. Ordered a piece of cake as well.

Then I got sugar overload. First salt, now sugar. Health risk going off the roof in 1 day.

Ever since I took the oral medication for the muscle pain or just a simple anti-inflammatory painkiller, the pain was at bay throughout the day.

I had a feeling that my period will be coming soon, this and also according to my calendar. True enough, my gut feeling became a reality. It then came to my mind if my lower back pain was associated with my period. However in my history, I have not experience any pain nor excruciating pain like this ever. Discomfort at the abdominal section is normal, but not pain, and not pain on just 1 section of the body. Even as I am typing now when the night is about the cross over, that slight yet significant pain with discomfort is still there. If the pain has something to do with my monthly cycle, this is going to be the start of my monthly agonising womanhood.

Now for something lighthearted to move away from the pain. As mentioned for story time there are 2 highlights, let me tell you the 2nd highlight.

So I was at the mall earlier today. As I was exiting the mall to catch my ride back, there was this guy suddenly strike up a conversation and here’s how it went.

👦🏽: Are you from France?
👧🏻: [Turns to the side to see who is it. Thinking if she knows him] No
👦🏽: [Pause then ask] Are you living here?
👧🏻: Yes
👦🏽: Can I add you on Facebook to be friends?
👧🏻: [Shakes head while giving a small courteous smile and walking out of the mall. After exiting to the parking area, looked around to see if the guy followed.]

What is this random conversation?! I wasn’t on a leisure walk. I was walking really fast like rushing for time kind of walk. Still, what?! Anyhow, that was an interesting 5 – 10 seconds encounter.

Till then, stay sane!

Manchester vs My stomach


I want to show what I’ve done in Manchester for 5 hours.

I totally need to get the videos and pictures out of my phone as soon as possible, else it’s just gonna be a space taken up with nowhere to go. So here I am pinning my thoughts and food journey here. Also a way to make use of this space as I always neglect it.

This is my second time to Manchester but spent my time in Liverpool the last time as many around me said that there’s nothing much to do in Manchester. This time around, I’ve decided to explore Manchester for myself and decide if it is that boring as what I’ve heard. I’ve set my mission now for any places that I visit is FOOD! Did my research through Google a night before. Bookmarked the places so I can visit the next time too whenever I am here again.

Let’s get exploring Manchester city with me!

I started my journey from Manchester Piccadilly train station. According to Google, the first location I wanted to visit was supposed to be open when I started my journey. However upon reaching the place, it is not opened until 12pm. There goes having a bowl of pho for breakfast.

Came all the way here just to take a picture of the Chinatown arc. Yup, gotta visit my roots wherever I can.

Asian breakfast is a no-go, will just settle for an English brunch. It was kinda hard to locate this cafe. I had to walk around the block just to find that the cafe is facing a parking lot building. So much for adventure.

The Evelyn’s Cafe Bar.

I got the Avocado toast with poached egg (GBP 7.50) and a Rose latte with cardamom and honey (GBP 5). They give a good amount of avocado. Such a healthy meal that I couldn’t believe I’m consuming it.

Most of the places close by aren’t open until 12pm. Instead of wondering around the street till restaurants are open, I saw there’s a cat cafe nearby. At first I thought of not going in as I didn’t see a lot of active cats inside there. But there’s this one cat near the window just had me going in. Also I need to kill some time.

It is literally called Cat Cafe. It cost 1 pound per 5 mins and drinks are unlimited. Well, I think normally people would be there for at least 30 mins. That’s how long I spent there. The best place to sit in the cafe is near the drinks counter. That’s where the staff will mingle more with the cats and help to bring the cats around by enticing them with toys. I just like the ambience there, calm and lazing around just like the cats.

I found the next place through one of the list in an article. They recommend their Korean Fried Chicken. Now this is not a Korean restaurant. But I’m down to trying what is recommended. It is called Common.

The fried chicken was already a given. As I was flipping the menu (only 2 sides by the way), I was intrigue by this dish – popcorn cockles. It has been a long time since I ate cockles. Since it’s under the ‘snacks’ category and was mentioned as the best bar snack, not that I have any to drink, I ordered it without hesitation,

Korean Fried Chicken – GBP 5.50
Popcorn Cockles – GBP 5

I guess I never learn about eating Asian food not from an Asian restaurant. The fried chicken wasn’t that bad. It comes with kimchi and gochujang. However still not quite there. The fried chicken is not crunchy enough. As for the cockles, it was way too salty and sour for me. Half way through, I was just mixing a mouthful of chicken followed by a mouthful of cockles.

Came to Piccadilly Garden and had to take a picture here. It is a nice place to hangout but the main focus of this picture is …

PRIMARK! Somehow I still can’t figure out why is Primark such a big thing. I get that the price is really cheap but then how much clothes and items do you need from Primark? Maybe in the future I’ll change my opinion about this.

Moving on.

The next location pop out in my Facebook as a recommendation. I got to get my tea time the English way with an Alice in the Wonderland theme.

Richmond Tea Rooms

The Alice Tea set for GBP 7.25. 2 scones and a tea of your choice.

Honestly I thought that I need to spend at least 10 pounds in here. Let me tell you, 2 scones are way too much for me. Like seriously. Especially after all that eating. But those clotted cream is so good. So good to clot your artery as well. haha. The place is very cosy with different tea rooms. I’ll probably go there again.

So much food to eat but so little time and space in my stomach. Total cost for an afternoon of food spree – GBP 36.25!

📍 Locations 📍
Evelyn’s Cafe Bar
44 Tib Street, Manchester, UK

Cafe Cafe Manchester
103 High Street, Manchester, UK

39 to 41 Edge Street, Manchester, UK

Richmond Tea Rooms
Richmond Street, Manchester, UK

Till then, stay sane!

I was Rome-ing in Italy

I had the chance to be in Rome!
It was coming to the end of summer, hence making the weather super nice. Nice enough not to get too burnt or get too chilly to put on the layers.

Being in ancient city just gives me pleasant vibes. Breathing in the thought of me standing there and what could it had been thousands of years ago. This is the kind of feeling that I get while traveling. This is also why I love to travel to different places. To see and feel and be in the presence of the vibe they give.
2 main attractions on my list as a first time visitor to Rome.
  • Colosseum
  • Trevi Fountain
On my way to the colosseum, there are some ruins along the way.
Don’t ask me what is the history of the ruins. I don’t research any of these historical sites as I am not very much interested in them. I just particularly like how the structure is being constructed and even after when they all crumble. Even if I was told about the history of the place, I might have already forgotten about it.
The Colosseum
Being a cheap tourist at this point, I did not opt to go inside the colosseum. On top of that, there were a lot of people queuing as well. The time I had was not enough for me to queue and go on a colosseum tour. I mean, being a first time visitor, my aim is just to get the touristy shot to tick of the list. Perhaps next time when I have the chance again, I would enter the arena.
The Trevi Fountain is not that far from the Colosseum if you fancy some walking. It is a walkable distance with a fine weather. Walking or biking around the city is how one sees the city.
When it comes to touristic spots, it is not surprising to see a sea of people trying to get that perfect shot (of not having any other people around). Here is to why I always have my travel companion around, for me to get that shot with minimal humans.
And when you can get help to take a picture or two or three or more for you,
you try to get that perfect shot.
I learnt a new tip of photo taking if the shot that you want could not all fit into the frame, use panorama shot.
Still can not avoid the crowd but still alright.
When will I be back in Rome again?
‘Nuff said!
Till then, tata ~

14 hours of hibernation later


Spent the last 14 hours or so to catch up on my sleep. I was not knocked out for 14 hours straight, wish sometimes I could that. Woke up in between every 6 – 8 hours of sleep to get a reality check. What comes next is taking a few more hours (6 hours) to get out of the hibernation frazzle.

The disorientation is real. Okay, my case is not that serious. I still know where I am, what bed I woke up in, what I am, and what time of the day it is (because I check my phone the first thing I wake up to know the time and day).

Now I am back to figure out what to do with my day. I have 2 travelog to get started with. That means 2 blog posts too. Also, I am thinking to get back to my Faceless collection. Got new yarns that have been sitting in my closet for the past few months. Need to clear out my closet too – 1 clothes section, 1 shopping items section.

Been going on a spending spree for the past 2 months. Gosh, after a mental calculation on the amount spent, I am amazed at how much of being bored costs me. BIG TIME! So much for not spending until Christmas. I really need to just stay at home and avoid bringing my credit card out. I am on my way of materialising my bimbo-ness.


I totally can’t keep up with 2 postings every alternate days. Gonna have it now with 2 days gap instead. One of the reason is to accommodate with my travels. Ya ya, excuses. Whatever.

When my sanity is slowly slipping away, so does the usage of my credit card. I have ran out of occasions to get myself presents. I even have my Christmas and New Years presents waiting for me in the paper bag all wrapped up. Are there any more occasions or days for me to commamorate?

Till then, stay sane!

Everybody has their dream life


People tells me that that is the life that they want, so let them be. It just doesn’t sits well with me. I might be a bit judge-y about this, but I am still trying not to judge people’s choice of life. I could just state that I do not CONDEMN the choice, yet I do not condone it.

I would not choose this for myself. What am I talking about? There should be more than just money in a relationship. I am talking about exclusive relationship. The priority choice for a life partner for me would not be the level of financial capability.

I get so angry when I think about this and the anger escalates as I type this out. I very much disagree when girls especially searching for their significant other based on their wealth first. It angers me so much when I hear ‘He is not rich’, ‘My salary is almost the same as his’, ‘He is stingy with his money or he is not willing to spend money on me when his earning is higher than average’. Seriously, is it just me being irked with these kind of thinking or it is just something normal for such request/remarks?

I know that girls will like/love to have a person they can depend on, to have somebody to provide for them, living the lavish life, and so on. But does it mean to do whatever it takes to get a person to do it of them? Why rely on a person to do it when they themselves can work on their own to achieve it as well? If a person of their liking do come along the way, wouldn’t it be much better when 2 people are in better financial status?

To be 100% financially dependent on another person is kinda risky. So many what ifs come into my mind. I’m sure you can think of some at the top of your head. Just the usual what ifs are already enough for you to think again how much we can not control what is bound to happen in the future. Well, I am done ranting here. One question.

Does the person need to at a certain financial threshold crucial for you to even consider to go out with?

Till then, stay sane!