First time in the City of Canals – Venice


I love winter. I love travelling during winter. I love when it is a non-peak season since it means less crowd. Also, walking would not be an issue since I won’t be sweating that much in the cold. Less sweat, less heat, less complains from my side.

I landed at the right time to just have a quick shower and change to explore the floating city. That’s all the time I have under 20 hours. Took the next shuttle bus from the hotel out to the city centre.


The first view we were greeted upon arriving. Of course, photography session started immediately. This was only the beginning of our journey to get to the main square. It seems to me that there’s no other way to get to the main square only by foot if travelling on land. Obviously, you can get around through the canals provided you hire a boat or own one or manage to hitch a ride. Walking through the city is like walking in a maze. So many small lanes with so many turns. Perfect place to play hide and seek?


There are so many beautiful architectures just in this floating city. The only problem is that I don’t know any history of it, just could admire them as I walked past them.



It would be a treat to be here in Venice during their Carnival of Venice. All the masquerades and costumes would definitely be a sight to behold. Just look at the display at their windowpane, all the glitters and elegantly made masks.

As we make our way to the main square, we could chance upon the golden hour.



Got to catch a moment of gondolas manoeuvring through the canals.

About 1.5 hours later, we’ve finally made our way to the main square – San Marco.


Greeted with Basilica di San Marco.


Made our way pass the square to see if we could still catch some of the golden hour in pictures.


Time and sun position were not on our side. The sun slowly setting beside us while the temperature is slowly going down with the sun. Savour the last moments of having some light before we went to find dinner.

I would really want to come here again with the people of liked-minded. I’ve enjoyed half my time here while the other half was waiting for others to take photos till they are happy, you know what I mean when you’re travelling with a group of people (a group of more than 3). So I will come back again to Venice, maybe during their carnival period?

Till then, stay sane!

I was Rome-ing in Italy

I had the chance to be in Rome!
It was coming to the end of summer, hence making the weather super nice. Nice enough not to get too burnt or get too chilly to put on the layers.

Being in ancient city just gives me pleasant vibes. Breathing in the thought of me standing there and what could it had been thousands of years ago. This is the kind of feeling that I get while traveling. This is also why I love to travel to different places. To see and feel and be in the presence of the vibe they give.
2 main attractions on my list as a first time visitor to Rome.
  • Colosseum
  • Trevi Fountain
On my way to the colosseum, there are some ruins along the way.
Don’t ask me what is the history of the ruins. I don’t research any of these historical sites as I am not very much interested in them. I just particularly like how the structure is being constructed and even after when they all crumble. Even if I was told about the history of the place, I might have already forgotten about it.
The Colosseum
Being a cheap tourist at this point, I did not opt to go inside the colosseum. On top of that, there were a lot of people queuing as well. The time I had was not enough for me to queue and go on a colosseum tour. I mean, being a first time visitor, my aim is just to get the touristy shot to tick of the list. Perhaps next time when I have the chance again, I would enter the arena.
The Trevi Fountain is not that far from the Colosseum if you fancy some walking. It is a walkable distance with a fine weather. Walking or biking around the city is how one sees the city.
When it comes to touristic spots, it is not surprising to see a sea of people trying to get that perfect shot (of not having any other people around). Here is to why I always have my travel companion around, for me to get that shot with minimal humans.
And when you can get help to take a picture or two or three or more for you,
you try to get that perfect shot.
I learnt a new tip of photo taking if the shot that you want could not all fit into the frame, use panorama shot.
Still can not avoid the crowd but still alright.
When will I be back in Rome again?
‘Nuff said!
Till then, tata ~