Say goodbye

I have done it after months of contemplating.

I was the few that started using the app when it first launched (more like forced to use it due to work). It was fun then as most of the users are colleagues as the company I worked for then created the app. The community then was just us and colleagues from other parts of the world. Slowly as time passed, the community evolved (of course). With the new acquisition of the app to another company and I am no longer with the company, the community within the app has slowly become less relevant to me. I didn’t follow much about the whole saving the app movement and when that happened, the comaderie throughout the period of buying out. I don’t feel strongly attached to the app to begin with as it was just an app that I was required to use. Actually I don’t even feel attached to it at all. It’s just another app for me to use, another platform to update.

I like the concept of the app. I use it to jot down the little random thoughts that goes through my head where the character count is more that what twitter allows. It’s an app where I can straight away type down an incident without waiting till I’m back to my laptop since my phone is always with me. One of the most interesting story I have documented is my public transport journey to and from work. I even have a creepy story from that that the full story is in Dayre. I do think I still have that exported. I might share it here one day, well if I remember.

With the acquisition of the app, it went through a revamp and new functions have been introduced. One of them, the most significant one for me is the subscription fee. I don’t have a problem with that. It just doesn’t justify the money I’m paying while I hardly use the app. I stayed on for a few months just to see how it goes, whether will I open the app, continue to upload consistently, read the stories posted there, just utilising the app. As I’ve mentioned, I became distant to the community seeing that I no longer find the stories or information there relevant to me anymore. I thought I could just see pass that, in the end it is just another platform for me to upload. Amidst the existing ones that are heavily utilised, contents are getting diluted being that I like to segregate my content to fit each platform. In addition, I stayed on dayre even after I left the company is all because of the sticker packs that they have. After dayre has a face lift, the stickers function seems to be non existence in a way whereby there is nowhere to download the sticker packs other than searching for a specific sticker in order to download the whole pack. That’s a bummer. Therefore, minus 1 point for me to continue.

I always need to bring myself back to basics. I feel like I need to straighten out my life every now and then. This quarantine period is one of them moments to throw out what’s not relevant and redundant.

I left the app somewhere hidden from sight for a month or so to see if I would even remember to go in and have a look. Nope, a month was up and I don’t even miss the app. Hence I went to unsubscribe when it was nearing the end of term. Closing in to one month now since I free my credit card off the payment, I don’t miss it nor regret one bit. It’s a wise choice to free myself off dayre. That’s all to the main story of goodbye dayre.

Till then, stay sane ~ !

One response to “Say goodbye”

  1. you were definitely one of the last ones to go. the close of a chapter for you (and actually, for all of us who were once dayreans). hehe. i was on it from the very first day, too. crazy.


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